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Bula from Figi!

Location: Fiji

Have been in Figi the last 2 days, got in on Monday. Went on a cruise today and it was fabulous!We went to an uninhabited island called Mala Mala and it was exactly like paradise, coconut trees and I've never seen the sea so blue. Did some snorkelling again today. I also did some fishing but I didn't catch a thing so luckily enough they still fed me! The fish managed to eat the bait but I still didn't nail one. We also saw some reef sharks. I nearly died when I spotted one under the boat but there no threat at all to us. The weather has been great and I've been catching a few rays before I head on home. Enjoy

The Clear Blue Pacific!You could see right down to the bottom

Mala Mala Island,this is where some of the film Castaway with Tom Hanks was filmed

Sunning myself on board the boat

A view of some of the coral on the sea bed

More coral

Look how clear the water can see the coral

Going in for a dip

Doing a spot of fishing...a girl has to get her dinner some way

Basking in the Pacific...great thing to be doing on a Wednesday evening

The entertainers, these were the breat singers that entertained us while we were eating. Big fans of the Pogues and the Irish Rugby song

They sang more songs for us on the way home on the boat. Great day!

One last dip!