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City of Angels- L.A

Location: USA

My first port of call when I got into the States was Los Angeles. I stayed with the lovely Celine in Seal Beach in Orange County i.e The O.C. Didn't realise that there was such a place so its here where the O.C is actually filmed.I had a lovely girl called Megan showing me all the haunts of L.A and she drove me around the whole time I was there and a great chaffeur she was in all!On my last day in L.A I got up with my sister Mary. It was great seeing her again as I hadn't seen her since last June. It was from L.A that we hit the road on my last road trip.

The Hollywood walk of of the many names ther and I was a little disappointed not one Irish actor or actress

The Chinese Theatre..Marilyn's handprints..too right stand up for the blondes!

Arnie's handprint...what big hands he has..mine were only half of his

Nicole Kidmans Star

Beside every girls best friend Max Factor,where would we be without him or should I say I as I've been labelled the lipstick girl!

one of the many entertainers on the walk of fame

Remember Pretty woman!

Outside teh Osbourne house on Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills. The only house you could actually see from the road

The last Supper in O Malleys with the crew from left Megan,Celine, Sally, Brian and myself

Picking up a few presents for the folks back home on Rodeo Drive..yeah right