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Viva Las Vegas!

Location: USA

The city of Blinding light. Absolutely crazy!Its as mad and as lively as Bangkok but cleaner!Its not much during the day but at night there's no other word for it but crazy and we loved it. All the casinos are so lit up and they come in all shapes and sizes trying to outdo each other.While there myself and Mary went to see one of the shows which was Legends in Concert.They were absotuley brilliant.WE had a Celine Dion impersonator and she was supposed to be ten times better than herself who was playing across the road in a casino called Caesar Palace. We went to see the waterworks display outside the Bellagio hotel where Oceans Eleven was filmed.By the way George and Brad said to say hi!

Trying my luck on one of the million pokies that are found in the city

The Casino where we stayed..the Binion

Even though there right beside each other ther's an hour in the time difference

The Hoover Dam...a place where alot of scenes are filmed.The dam seperates the two states of Arizona and Nevada

Over looking Lake Mead

Big takes 10 mins to cross

Another casino

Mary with lake Mead in the background

Overlooking teh fountain of Caesar Palace

Las Vegas own version of the Eiffel Tower another casino

A sample of the water works display outside the hotel.Its in tune with the music in the background.Brilliant!

The Bellagio hotel from Oceans 11