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The Grand Canyon

Location: USA

The Grand Canyon was simply breath taking!I always wanted to see this place and we were so impressed. The scenery is amazing,thedifferent colours of the rock and listening to the massive Colorado river way down below is amazing.Again as with all beautiful places the pictures don't do it justice so you will all just have to go there and see for yourselves!

A piece of rock jutting out

Overlooking the stretches for 277 miles and its so deep

Mary overlooking the same point..she was a little afraid of the big drop behind her

Sitting on the wall overlooking one of the peaks

The two sisters,what a splendid view!

Some of the different colour rocks,some of it was even covered in snow

More of teh canyon

Looking down into the valley

More snow capped peaks

Sunset on the canyon

The Colorado river running through the canyon

Another point of the canyon