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Post Banff

Location: New York area, USA

My buddy Clare and I touring the Calgary area. We are sitting on a 'Hoodoo'.

Macca enjoying one of the finer days in Banff before heading off.

Macca in Old Montreal.

Steve and Macca just before that "Cowboys' night I spoke of in the last journal entry.

Macca on top of a big mountain in Montreal.

Jodi hanging out in Old Montreal. Very pretty isn't it!

TV in Boston. Playing ball with Macca in the park. Macca can't catch with a mit to save himself (as previously explained).

Yeah!!!! The poncho!! Macca loves it!

We wandered the Harvard campus. A bit different to living on campus in the 'dale.

He can throw a ball though...

Jodes and Macca in Time Square, NYC.

Kayaking down the Deloware river with some cool Aussie chicks from camp.