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Vancouver and Greece

Location: Athens and Santorini, Greece


Spring in Vancouver...Kitsilano beach. Still snow on those mountains though.

This looks uncool but was so interesting watching the guy balance these in the wind.

Bike riding in Stanley Park is so nice. I think a nicer park than NYC Central Park.

The Parthenon in Athens.

It is obviously hard work being a tourist. Macca asleep in a park.

And here we are!

Old stuff in Athens. Macca could probably tell you what you are looking at! I know it is the top of a stage!

Its nice though isnt it!

Sun rise after an epic over night ferry from Athens to Santorini. Thats me asleep.

The capital of Santorini is over there in the distance.

This is Red Rock beach. A literal name. All other beaches on santorini are black rock from the volcano in the bay. This is where Macca found his love for the ocean.