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This is where we play

Location: Banff, Alberta, Canada

My office building. The Village Hotel is there in the background.

Our Day Lodge at Sunshine Village on a nice sunny day in the Rockies.

Keep in mind... you can't access the village by car. It's up the gondola in the dark for 20 minutes each way!

My office building on a crappy day at Sunshine Village. Winter was quite dark.

The ice castle at/on Lake Louise.

Thank God we are seeing more of these days.

It's nothing to look down on the clouds when you are at the top of a mountain and about to ski down.

On top of a big mountain looking down on Banff. You know it...gondola only to the top.

The Day Lodge at the Lake Louise ski hill. Much nicer than ours at Sunshine!

Isn't it pretty though!

Just some snow on a roof that I thought was cool.