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Punta De Este - URUGUAY

Location: Punta De Este - URUGUAY, Uruguay

23 Feb 2006, 7:20PM

Bottle of wine in one hand, glass in the other, Im ready for take off.

23 Feb 2006, 7:18PM

Yes this is the boat over to Uruguay with its plane seats.

24 Feb 2006, 11:09AM

Shortly after this photo was taken a piece of the roof blew off.

24 Feb 2006, 10:56AM

The storm in Colonia. Look at the trees and the bike on the floor. Great!

25 Feb 2006, 3:21PM

A giantīs buried under the sand here.

25 Feb 2006, 3:15PM

Our first sunbathing beach in Uruguay of all places!

25 Feb 2006, 3:25PM

The beach at Punta.

25 Feb 2006, 3:24PM

Ian pining for home.

25 Feb 2006, 4:27PM

One shop that Ian is interested in.

25 Feb 2006, 3:26PM

Ian and Pat looking like naughty school boys.

27 Feb 2006, 2:55PM

In Montevideo, a building that looks slightly like the Liver Buildings in Liverpool.

27 Feb 2006, 2:54PM

The Uruguayan flag.