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Christ Redemer - RIO, BRASIL

Location: Christ Redemer - RIO, BRASIL, Brazil

10 Mar 2006, 1:56PM

One of the views from the top overlooking Copacaban beach.

10 Mar 2006, 1:55PM

The Christ Redemer.

10 Mar 2006, 2:05PM

Sugar Loaf Mountain which had a permanent cloud over it the whole time we were in Rio, weird.

10 Mar 2006, 2:00PM

Full body shot.

10 Mar 2006, 2:13PM

Me and Ian.

10 Mar 2006, 2:12PM

Which is which! Ian didnīt want to do this picture as it made him look like a total knobber but I made him!!

10 Mar 2006, 2:17PM

Another view of the beach.

10 Mar 2006, 2:16PM

The good looking Jesus!

10 Mar 2006, 2:35PM

The back of Jesus and Ian!

10 Mar 2006, 2:24PM

Different angle, honestly I have about a million of everything we go to see!!