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San Pedro, Salt Flats tour

Location: Bolivia

16 Apr 2006, 7:08AM

Death Valley - Atacama Desert

16 Apr 2006, 4:46AM

The little cathedral in San Pedro de Atacama

16 Apr 2006, 8:16AM

Moon Valley - San Pedro

16 Apr 2006, 8:14AM

Moon Valley - San Pedro

17 Apr 2006, 1:35AM

An inauspicious start to our trip across the Altiplano & Salt Flats. This photo was taken only 5 minutes after we had crossed the Bolivian border.

16 Apr 2006, 9:03AM

Sunset at Moon Valley - San Pedro

17 Apr 2006, 4:10AM

Geyser Basin on the Bolivian Altiplano

17 Apr 2006, 2:11AM

The first of many Laguna´s we saw on the trip - from memory (but just remember that my memory is terrible) this one is Laguna Verde...

17 Apr 2006, 6:50AM

Pretty flamingoes...

17 Apr 2006, 5:06AM

Llama on the Laguna Colorada shore... Have you noticed that I seem to be incapable of getting the horizon straight?

17 Apr 2006, 10:56PM

Rock formation further along on the Altiplano

17 Apr 2006, 9:00AM

Sunset at Laguna Colorada - let me tell you that I suffered for this ... It was freezing out there!