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Salt Flats, La Paz

Location: Bolivia

18 Apr 2006, 2:24AM

Smoking volcano..

18 Apr 2006, 1:17AM

Another laguna with flamingoes - are you sick of them yet?

18 Apr 2006, 11:25PM

The beginning of our journey across the salt flats.. Surreal isnīt it?

18 Apr 2006, 4:10AM

19 Apr 2006, 1:38AM

Looking for Salt crystals

18 Apr 2006, 11:32PM

Salt Flats

23 Apr 2006, 12:58PM

Some light traffic on the Worldīs Most Dangerous Road!

19 Apr 2006, 12:54AM

Isla Pescadora in the middle of the Salt Flats...

26 Apr 2006, 2:30AM

The local stall holders rallying for better security for tourists in La Paz

23 Apr 2006, 1:03PM

Keep left while cycling! Wasnīt always easy, when you could see these kinds of drop offs...

27 Apr 2006, 1:33AM

A bad shot, but gives a little bit of an idea of how every available space in La Paz is crammed with housing

26 Apr 2006, 2:36AM

More rallyers! Note the beautifully colourful traditional dress, and my personal favourite - the bowler hat perched right on top of the head. What purpose can that possibly serve???