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lake Titicaca, Arequipa & Lima

Location: Peru

28 Apr 2006, 1:27AM

Northern part of Lake Titicaca. Started the mammoth walk to the south from near here.

27 Apr 2006, 8:50AM

Sunset on Lake Titicaca...

28 Apr 2006, 2:17AM

Its a hard life, but someone has to put in and appreciate these views

28 Apr 2006, 2:14AM

Some ruins of significance along the way. Dont ask me what theyre called, theyre ruins, and theyre on Isla del Sol!

1 May 2006, 6:00AM

Santa Catalina Monastery - thats right, this is the one that is actually a convent!

1 May 2006, 5:08AM

Arequipa - the cathedral that belongs to this spire spans one whole side of the square

1 May 2006, 6:49AM

The monastery again!

1 May 2006, 6:29AM

Photo opportunities abound in the Monastery. Eventually I stopped looking in the rooms, and just looked for interesting type photos to take...

2 May 2006, 9:10AM

Joined masses of locals (it was a holiday), to stop on the clifftops and appreciate this magnificent sunset over the Pacific. Once again, someone has to do it...

2 May 2006, 8:10AM

Cathedral in the Lima suburb of Miraflores.

4 May 2006, 10:17AM

Night vista of the Miraflores clifftops...

3 May 2006, 6:36AM

Reflections of Miraflores. Have just realised that I have captured myself in this photo - not very smart of me. My own version of Wheres Wally!