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Location: Cusco, Peru

8 May 2006, 2:32AM

Details of the cathedral...

8 May 2006, 2:31AM

Cathedral in Plaza de Armas

8 May 2006, 2:57AM

The participants came in al shapes, sizes and costumes!

8 May 2006, 2:54AM

Parading and dancing through the Plaza...

11 May 2006, 3:34AM

Puca Pucara ruins.

10 May 2006, 4:54AM

A nice view on the walk down from Pumamarca.

11 May 2006, 4:45AM

Riding through the valley...

11 May 2006, 3:54AM

Water feature at the Tambo Machay ruins

11 May 2006, 5:40AM

Qenko ruins.

11 May 2006, 5:34AM

What can I say... A representation of some Peruvian community members, hanging from a gum tree branch!

11 May 2006, 8:42AM

The Where´s Wally task for this week... Can you spot the alpaca shape in the stonework?

11 May 2006, 7:56AM

Sacsayhuaman ruins