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Buenos Aires

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

11 Mar 2006, 12:39AM

Plaza de Mayo.

11 Mar 2006, 12:36AM

Casa Rosada - the government quarters. You might recognise it because Peron would make speeches from the balcony, and of course it featured in the movie Evita.

14 Mar 2006, 2:49AM

11 Mar 2006, 4:52AM

Tango on the streets...

17 Mar 2006, 1:05PM

My Spanish Class! Yep, it was lots of fun. Weīd just had dinner at this funky bar, and were killing time with a few drinks so that we didnīt arrive at the nightclub too early and look like complete dorks!

17 Mar 2006, 5:28AM

Madres de Plaza de Mayo. These women march in the Plaza every Thursday at 3.30pm to remember their lost children.

19 Mar 2006, 1:12AM

More of La Boca

19 Mar 2006, 1:06AM

The conundrum of colours that is La Boca - the touristy part anyway...

19 Mar 2006, 4:24AM

Reflections of Recoleta Cemetery

19 Mar 2006, 3:49AM

Eva Peronīs grave

20 Mar 2006, 2:51AM

This is the horse I rode at Estancia Commercial Crap!!! The 15 minute horse ride that I had to endure a whole day of commercialism for!

19 Mar 2006, 6:24AM

This giant flower opens and closes with the sunrise and sunset. If the photo was bigger and you looked hard enough you could probably see me, but then again, Iīve been in enough of my photos already!