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Bariloche, Mendoza, cordoba

Location: Bariloche, Argentina

23 Mar 2006, 2:45AM

Me and my pony - I always seem to get to ride the little horses when I go on a holiday!

23 Mar 2006, 2:27AM

Horse riding on the Steppe

25 Mar 2006, 2:15AM

Lago Gutierrez - this was a good 1/2 hour walk from the top of Cerro Otto. Had lunch here - lunch might not have been much, but the view was pretty terrific!

25 Mar 2006, 1:36AM

Lake Nahuel Huapi, from Cerro Otto.
Donīt think a photo can really do the view any justice.

28 Mar 2006, 7:57AM

Isla Victoria

28 Mar 2006, 7:10AM

Dad, this oneīs for you... Itīs a terrible photo - the silly old bugger I asked to take it stood a mile back, and got the dodgiest background possible. If heīd only shifted to the left slightly I would have had lovely mountains behind me!

31 Mar 2006, 6:56AM

Wine tasting in Mendoza

28 Mar 2006, 8:08AM

Isla Victoria

1 Apr 2006, 1:41AM

More mountains from the back of a horse ...

1 Apr 2006, 2:06AM

Views of the Andes while horse riding in Mendoza

2 Apr 2006, 2:41AM

Cathedral on Plaza San Martin in Cordoba.

1 Apr 2006, 3:03AM

One of the gauchos - Pedro - and his horse.