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Iguazu falls, Tucuman, Salta

Location: Iguazu, Argentina

6 Apr 2006, 4:57AM

Another of the falls...

6 Apr 2006, 2:40AM

The Devils Throat - the biggest of the falls...

6 Apr 2006, 5:16AM

Would you

6 Apr 2006, 4:13AM

Another shitty day in paradise! - no really, overcast, hot and 90% humidity!!!

11 Apr 2006, 7:07AM

San Francisco Cathedral, Salta

10 Apr 2006, 4:16AM

From the ruins in Quilmes, a couple of hours away from Tucuman

12 Apr 2006, 11:38PM

Along the route of the ´Train to the Clouds´

12 Apr 2006, 1:07AM

Horse riding again - this time in Salta...

13 Apr 2006, 5:40AM

Argentinian Salt Flats - these are tiny in comparison to the Bolivian Salt Flats... It takes one man 2 days to dig the salt out of just one of these little pools.

13 Apr 2006, 12:49AM

Some more ruins along the route of the ´Train to the Clouds´

13 Apr 2006, 7:42AM

The seven coloured hill - doesn´t really show up too well cos it´s heading towards sunset... Besides, I counted and I´m not sure I saw seven colours!!!

13 Apr 2006, 7:14AM

Another scenic view on the way back to Salta...