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Berlin / Nürnberg, Germany

Location: Switzerland

Photos from Berlin to Nürnberg in Germany

At the Berlin Wall...East side, West side Berlin style

A mighty warm welcome to Berlin!

A crazy American called Drew we met at the Squatters Bar!

This is a squatters building in Berlin, but it turns into a bar at odd!?

Spam steaks...delicious and nutritious!

Oh the joys of German food...we had no clue what the menu was talking about so we took a punt and got THIS! ARE U JOKING ME!

Our fellow hostellers in Nürnberg..the crazy cousin it guy on the left is a German, the next guy along was from Brazil, and our mate Craig from Aussie Land who we have run in to many times at various hostels!

Liz and Rex, we are meeting these Spanish dudes in Spain! ROck on! Met them in Nürnberg

A scenic site in Nürmberg

Maybe german food isnt so bad after all...