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Location: Ibra, Oman

These are pictures from my year spent in Oman. I met and traveled with many people from all over the world. My students were very special to me in more ways than I can count. The people in the community took a while to get used to us. They live a very laid back lifestyle with a concentration on prayer. They hold fantastic feasts and love to entertain. In Oman, there are many places that have yet to be over-run by tourists and therefore offer a natural beauty, unlike any other place in the world.

Some of my favourite students at Ibra College (from back: Essa, Seed, Salim, Mazin, and Faisal)

Going out for a fantastic Arabic meal with Jolani.

Streets of Ibra.

The girls at the college.

Even Oman has MacDonalds.

Going for a walk in the desert.

My first English class.

The Canadian girls during Ramadan.

Camels in the city.

BB Myriam's tomb.

Sand skiing. Doesn't work too well unless you're on a board!!

Muscat Mosque.