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Location: Around Oman, Oman

Oman has a number of beautiful places to explore. Soon this amazing country will be filled with tourists. The local people are curious about the western world and loved to show us around.

The sink hole! Sultanate of Oman.

One of my English classes.

Stopping to eat or get directions is not an option. Dates and bananas became staple foods on our many travels.

Traveling in Oman is next to impossible unless you have a 4x4 vehicle. Roads are dirt or rock and there are no signs to give direction. We discovered this in a hurry on our first trip outside our town. Thank God for the "Lonely Planet."

Laila and I. Laila studied and lived for one year in Australia and was one of the head English teachers.

Cliff jumping at the sink hole. Sultanate of Oman.

One of these faces do not belong here!?!?!?

Abyas and head dress were worn during the month of Ramadan.

Relaxing on break at the college. (Salim and Hamed).

One of my more interesting classes!! Listening and speaking conversational class. All boys, all beginner level.

Some local kids showing us the ways around the mountains.

Relaxing on break in the Teacher's Office (Les and Cari - who is still living and working at Ibra College in Oman three years later).