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Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

I apologize for the lack of pictures and informative updates. I'm not feeling all that well but am seeing progress. We are in Bangkok now and just around the corner from our hotel is an Internet place with a fast connection. So hopefully more updates will follow in the days to come.

This is the temple that appears in Tomb raider.
Angelina was not present during our trek through the temples.

Here are some pics from Ankor Wat and several other temples in that area.

BUT...i managed to run into Graydon, who i went to Mount Doug with. So random.

Statues along the main entrance to one of the temples

On the way to one of the temples we came across a hord of monkeys. The small ones were the cutest things ever.

Lady in meditaion in A.W.

Ankor Wat. The mother of all temples