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Quito the Old and the New

Location: Quito, Ecuador

27 Aug 2006, 11:54AM

Quito runs along the base of a valley in the Andys. The Old & The New towns are ajoined and run approx 30 km in length.

27 Aug 2006, 11:40AM

This was the view of the New town from the top of the valley around 4,200 mts.

28 Jul 2006, 12:27PM

The J W Marriott. And yes we did get to see the inside, we even sat in the foyer while waiting to be picked up or throwen out, which ever came first.

The baby of the beers comming in on the scales at a tiny 190 mls. The beer you can have between meals without ruining your apatite.

26 Aug 2006, 8:20PM

With Quito being in a valley and the houses being spralled up the sides many people have great city views.