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inka trail "Machu Picchu"

Location: Cusco, Peru

Cusco and the surounding area is higher in altitude then Machu Picchu which is around 2,400 mts

Day 1 of our 4 day hike to the world famous Machu Picchu. We started at the 82km mark of the train line. Only 42km to go!!

Day 2 put us at the highest point on the trail which is named "Dead Woman Pass" and is around 4,200 mts.

Some Incan terrarce work along the trail where they grew food crops.

This shot would be more at home if it was taken from the window of a plane and not from a hiking trail.

This was the view from our tent in the morning when we were woken by the porters with a smile and hot cup of coffee. My style of camping!!

As the clouds started to lift in the morning this was what it was to reveal.

Our first views of the ruins as we come down into the sungate of Machu Picchu.

The old clunker which takes you back to Cusco at the end of the journey at a roaring speed of about 40km/hr. Nothing to complain about when you have just walked 10,000 stone steps in the past 4 days.

Stone windows, walls, doors, alters and floors the only thing not made of stone were the grass roofs which I may add have not stood the test of time!!

Group photo, me and Lee with 4 friends from Argentina and our two guides.