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Variety in Singapore

Location: Singapore

Singapore fascinates me with its variety of races, its old and futuristic buildings, its high technology and its friendly people. Here are a few photos I took while wandering around.

30 Jan 2006, 2:17PM

"Shop-houses" in Bali Lane, in the suburb of Bugis. The Mondo cafe is where I met Patrick, the owner, who showed me the Emperor's Coffee technique of producing great coffee. 17 Bali Lane, Bugis, Singapore.

30 Jan 2006, 1:04PM

An eatery close to my hotel in the Malay area of Singapore, where I've eaten a few times now.

30 Jan 2006, 8:27PM

Singapore River again.

29 Jan 2006, 9:29PM

A view along Singapore River near the Fullerton Hotel.

30 Jan 2006, 9:11PM

Lanterns and lights: the Chinese New Year of the Dog beckons.

30 Jan 2006, 9:04PM

The Fullerton Hotel in all its glory. Formerly the General Post Office in British colonial times.

30 Jan 2006, 10:02PM

Also from the Swissotel building. While I listened to House music. Good fun.

30 Jan 2006, 9:55PM

Taken from the bar on the 70th floor of the Swissotel building.

The Gothic Parkview Apts again.

31 Jan 2006, 2:42PM

A shot inside the Mondo Cafe with Esther who's worked there for only a month.

This kind gentleman found my backpack and is shown here returning it to me.

A spirit a day keeps.....