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San Salvador to Estanzuelas

Location: Estanzuelas, El Salvador

I cycled from the capital San Salvador to Estanzuelas where I'l be teaching English. Here are some images of the trip there and of Estanzuelas.

9 Apr 2006, 10:36AM

The River Lempe - waiting for the rains. This was a natural barrier to the Eastern strongholds of the leftist FMLN during the civil war.

8 Apr 2006, 5:25PM

The Moorish/style church at Zacatecoluca, SE of San Salvador.

10 Apr 2006, 1:57PM

Me relaxing in my hammock in my room in Estanzuelas.

9 Apr 2006, 12:26PM

Couldnt resist this¨ the middle of nowhere was this container.

10 Apr 2006, 6:39PM

Cooking Salvadoran-style. This lady is the live-in "maid" at my home-stay.

10 Apr 2006, 4:37PM

A mud and rock home in Estanzuelas. The daubed paint is for a couple of the political parties. Politically-inspired paint is everywhere in El Salvador....mostly done by the party in power: the rightist Arena party.

11 Apr 2006, 6:54AM

The best house I saw in Estanzuelas.

11 Apr 2006, 6:48AM

The surrounding country-side.

11 Apr 2006, 7:04AM

The town iglesia (church)....will be the centre of the Easter fiesta later this week.

11 Apr 2006, 7:01AM

The local bicycle mechanic.

11 Apr 2006, 7:23AM

A "window" ajar.

11 Apr 2006, 7:11AM

A local character in Estanzuelas.