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Siena, 10 Feb 2006

Location: Siena, Italy

View of Il Campo from the top of the Bell Tower.

"Il Campo" - the main piazza in Siena. Our hotel was only 50 paces from here.

Typical shot of Kelly.

Me (Carey) and the Il Campo Bell Tower (campanile).

... could be quite small in places!

The staircase within the campanile ...

View of Siena and surrounding land from the top of the campanile.

But I made it!

Same again but including the Duomo (facade was undergoing restoration works).

More views.

One of Kel's favourite shots from Siena - 3/4 of the way up the campanile.

A lovely Japanese couple asked if we would like a photo of the two of us and the view at the top of the campanile. This is the result.