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Siena II, 10 Feb 2006

Location: Siena II, Italy

Clothes lines Siena-style!

Just some cool colours and buildings.

Most of the street signs were totally illegible so 'Tour-Guide-Kelly' had her work cut-out for her! She did a fantastic job though.

Kelly in the foreground of a typical Sienese street.

Looking back to the city from the University grounds. The weather was like this for all three days we were in Siena!

Kel at dusk looking back toward the campanile.

Aarrrgh...What be yonder there?

The Duomo facade, or what it is meant to look like! Pretty cool inside.

A fantastic restaurant 3 levels below ground and right next to our hotel. This was definitely one of the best meals we had on our trip and the staff were second-to-none!

Kel and 'Mighty-Boy' Italian-style! Very cool watching middle-aged men with 5 days' growth, old-school hat and a cigarette hanging out one side of their mouth driving around in these mopeds-on-roids.

Re-creation of my Year 2 school portrait.

Workplace Health and Safety hasn't quite taken off here...