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Bologna, 16 Feb 2006

Location: Bologna, Italy

Kelly imitating the mermaids...

Kelly and the very controversial "Fontana di Nettuno"

Kelly in heaven...

San Petronio - Initially intended to be larger than St Peter's but church authorities in Rome became jealous and down-scaled the construction.

Torri degli Asinelli e Garisenda - leaning towers.

The porticos were great but made for difficult navigation.

Staircase in the taller tower (97 metres high). Pretty scary walk up.

Towers again. You can see some of the lean here (look at the bricks). The smaller tower leans approximately 3 metres from the vertical.

Not much head room in places. I think medieval Italians were pretty short.

More of the same.

We climbed the 5th tower from the left. The 5th and 6th are literally 5 metres apart.

Unfortunately this was one of the few cloudy days on our trip. View from the top of the tower.