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Croyde, 11 March '06

Location: Croyde, 11 March '06, UK

Timmy and Benny keen to get amongst it!

The Line-Up where we should have gone out.

Nick hired two left hand gloves but didn't realise until he was fully kitted out. Back to the surf shop...

Mmmmm...boys and rubber...

Benny and I after a successful dip in 8 degree water.

Frog-Man (Timmy) after his trip back to town in search for a matching pair of gloves for Nick.

Nick, Ben and I at Croyde Beach.

Nick and his 4ft 8inch foam hire board.

Mr Ed.

The beach.

Benny jumping the fence at Stone Henge on the way back to London.

Nick making sure his hair was all styled after the surf.