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Marrakech VII (April 06)

Location: Marrakech, Morocco

Michael and I preferring solid ground beneath our feet.

Kel hanging loose on a bridge of questionable sturdiness!

Nice view (Tagine pots in the foreground).

The gang being led across the bridge, past the Coca-Cola sponsored cafe and up to the mountains.

This fella was no more than 7 and had been sent to pick up goods from the closest village. A round trip of approx 6 hours.

Local dwelling.

Back to civilisation. Mid-afternoon just outside of the Medina...

The local village where we trekked around.

The adults (David, myself, Kelly, Kathryn, Niamh, Carey and Mark) having pre-dinner Mojitos at Villa des Oranges.

Niamh hanging out with all her mates...

Carey being bloody brave...

Kel and I at dinner at Villa des Oranges.