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Moscow II, 24 Jan 2006

Location: Moscow, Russia

Sorry, forgot to screen the photos from our smaller camera.

The Metro (I).

For Mick G - this Russian landscape is as warm as the greeting we got from customs at Moscow airport. This was as warm as it got!

Is this a church? No, it's a stop on the Moscow circle line!

Escalator to the Centre of the Earth. The Moscow metro is super deep at some stations. Each light represents 3 metres.

Me (Carey) being blessed by a massive hand at one of the Metro stations.

The famed Hammer and Sickle but made of gold and bronze and acting as an air vent grille in a metro station.

Being a 4-eyes is tough anywhere - especially when you're dealing with drastic temperature changes. Carey fogged up like this daily!

We had no problems understanding this russian word!

Carey, tour group and the Czar's Bell.

Us with the Russian Whitehouse as a backdrop.

The two of us in front of St Basil's. Sorry about the repetition but we needed one with both of us in it.

Largest cannon in the world (see man to the right of the cannon balls). Very intimidating but it has never actually been fired.