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st Petersburg, 28 Jan 2006

Location: St Petersburg, Russia

View of the Hermitage Museum (all 5 buildings) across the frozen River Neva

Church of Spilled Blood (very similar to St Basil's) seen through a mini blizzard!

Success finally! Due to extreme cold, the snow was so dry and fluffy it was almost impossible to make a snowball!

At 'Pushkin', the Czars' Summer Palace - has quite a different feeling in Winter!

ANOTHER monument to Peter The Great - riding the wave of victory

When it's this cold even the locals lose their tastebuds!

A shining example of the ridiculously opulent interiors we saw in so many Russian Cathedrals.

Old Man Winter?

A shot of the two of us looking out from the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Kelly getting personal with a modern statue of the Great Man (Peter of Course!).

The famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Should we give him a jumper?