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St Petersburg II, 28 Jan 2006

Location: St Petersburg II, Russia

Kelly contemplating the stretching routine being performed in the background and concluding that exercise is better left for warmer weather.

An impressive group of military school boys visiting the Summer Palace of their former Emperors/Empresses at Pushkin. Judging by the ogling Kelly received, I don't think they had seen such great eye candy for a while!

Kelly in another surprisingly happy mood considering the mini snow-storm and freezing conditions we experienced! It must have been the brown sleeping bag she took everywhere!

We almost needed sunglasses in here. The palace interiors were decorated with hundreds of kilograms of gold, thousands of candles and countless mirrors! Note also the perspective fresco on the FLAT ceiling!

The Morrocan-style bath-house in the Yusopov Palace.The family weren't even royalty but their home was an amazing display of old Russian opulence!

Just a nice photo on a great outdoorsy day!

mmmm...even in the frosty weather my love of ice-cream could not be tempered. As if I wasn't cold enough already!

A great idea by Carey! At least the ice-cream was warmer than the air temperature!

The Russian version of a family day at the beach - kite boarding, cross-country skiing, ice-hole fishing, dog walking, sled pushing (children) and rally car driving on the frozen Gulf of Finland!

The Mariinsky Theatre where we saw Swan Lake (view from the stage). We sat in the very grand Czar's Box - centre picture.

Do Svidanja (goodbye) to Russia - outside our hotel in St Petersburg.