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Helsinki, 31 Jan 2006

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Inside Temppeliaukio church - you can really see the construction, and the ceiling is a stunning arrangement of glass and copper wire. Definitely the most unique religious building we visited - and we saw A LOT!

Outside the Temppeliaukio church which is built into a hill of solid rock, that was only partially excavated to build the upper walls.

This pretty frozen island is a choice piece of real estate, just off the main Helsinki harbour.

Carey enjoying the sun and feeling free of all the heavy coat layers! Although it was -1 the clear sky and sunshine gave us a false sense of warmth!

One of the many rugged fortress structures on Suomenlinna - Finish farmers were forced to leave their homes & build these during the Winter. And they only got paid in beer!

Arriving at the island of Suomenlinna Fortress, the calm ocean became covered in huge chunks of ice which our ferry powered through while we stood on the front deck to watch - a prequel to our ice-breaker adventure!

Suomenlinna boasted the largest dry dock in the world when it was constructed in the mid 1700s, and is still in use today.

The rocky arched compartments within the fortress buildings, sunlight coming through all the canon portals.

One of our favourite spots on the island - a perfect mix of sun, snow and sea!

Although Suomenlinna is a tourist destination, it was beautifully serene in parts and we always enjoyed making fresh tracks in the snow!

Carey's only 'arty' shot from our trip. (Not allowed to include any others on planet ranger because apparently they're boring!)

Same spot... minus Carey