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Helsinki II, 31 Jan 2006

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Kelly enjoying a large cannon. 1 of 700 that were built for and transported to the sea fortress.

Kelly - getting braver in the cold with each paasing day - contemplates a tradtional Finnish dip in the icy water. "If only there was a sauna close by..."

Suomenlinna shot 101 - such perfect conditions made us a little too snap-happy!

Many of the barracks, cannon portals, storerooms and living quarters on the fortress were constructed to appear as mere 'hills' to an approaching enemy.

We re-visited our favourite spot to watch a once-in-a-lifetime event take place - a glorious sunset over icy waters with an incoming tide.

Self-portrait. The red 'thing' you can see in the background is actually a Russian submarine.

Quite chilly once the sun disappears.

Enjoying the spectacular scenery with cake and hot (soon to be cold) chocolate - makes for a happy Kelly!

Kelly getting stuck into a vodka cocktail at the Finlandia Ice Bar. We really wanted to make sure we were prepared for our night in the snow castle!

Helsinki at night - on our return ferry trip from Suomenlinna.

Kelly and bear (one of Finland's national symbols) in front of the Historical Museum of Finland where we learned many 'cool' facts.