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Rovaniemi, 2 Feb 2006

Location: Rovaniemi, Finland

Me hammering back another vodka like you know I can!

Kelly getting ready to go inside the Igloo Bar.

Ice ceiling, snow-covered floor, ice-maiden bar maids, ice tables and even ice glasses!

Wuss! Drinking warm berry juice inside an igloo BAR!

Soooo tasty!

Arctic Circle marker at the Rovaniemi Airport (see the disc at the base).

What's the best way to defrost a windscreen Dad (ask any inebriated Irishman)?

Kelly and her first of only a few cold-inspired grumpy faces, warming her feet with a chemically enhanced 'toastie-toes' sack. In her defence, we had been outside in -18 for a long time before leaving for the airport.

Kelly, landscape and the sun at its zenith.

Although the sun was out in full force, the trees show how truly cold this place can be.

Me and my gear standing in the middle of the road at the entrance to quite a busy carpark. Loving the white roads!

Another lovely landscape with ice walls.