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Kemi, 6 Feb 2006

Location: Kemi, Finland

All rugged up for a romantic walk onto the frozen Gulf of Bothnia. If you look closely, you can see icicles on my nostril hairs!

Crazy Finns! Even in -24 degrees, we saw heaps of them riding their bikes around without even so much as a helmet to keep their heads warm!

Psychadelic pinks, blues and purples everywhere dude!

Lumi Linna (Snow Castle)! Our first night in Kemi was spent here. The bedrooms are kept at an average of about -5!

Another ice bar/restaurant for us to experience! This time it was strictly hot chocolate and cake.

The main hallway where all of the bedrooms were located. There were ice sculptures along the length of both walls (with a mainly fairy-tale theme).

Kelly all rugged up and ready for bed in our room. Unfortunately for us, we forgot to ask for compatible sleeping bags so we could make a double! Very silly of us.

Kelly having a whale of a time in the children's ice playground!

Our sledding team. We were last in line of 4 teams, but our dogs were definitely the fastest, so we spent most of the trip with our foot on the 'brake' of the sled to stop our lead dog nipping at the heals of the team in front!

Husky-sledding in -22! A gorgeous sunrise and six very enthusiastic dogs made for an unforgettable ride!

No, I did not fall over and it was definitely not snowing....the air was actually just SO cold that the moisture in my skin came through my fleece and formed icicles! And check out my eyelashes!

Kelly as head 'musher' and Carey thouroughly enjoying the ride!