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Kemi II, 6 Feb 2006

Location: Kemi, Finland

The gear Kelly put on before our Sampo Icebreaker trip! Four pairs of gloves and her hands were still cold!!

Our first time on snow-mobiles and at night! Up to just under 90km/h on the frozen Gulf of Bothnia! Kelly standing outside our isolated hut where we were extremely fortunate and got to see the Aurora Borealis! Truly amazing!

Stopped briefly at a tradtional Sami hut where we could thaw out by a fire and drink warm berry juice again! Carey (above) and I also got to complete our Reindeer Driver's Licence(valid for 5 years)!

Typical forest scenery we drove through on our way to the Sampo.

Kelly trying on her oversized one inch thick jump-suit and looking scrumptious!

Kel in front of the Sami hut!

After some 'ice-breaking', we got to go swimming in the crushed ice left by the ship (that's Kelly directly in front of me)!

My asian-looking girlfriend just before boarding the Sampo.

Me floating vertically in the giant orange suit (check out the built-in gloves) and loving life!

Kelly just floating around in the frozen Gulf of Bothnia waters! So unbelievably proud of her! In the end, I couldn't get her out she enjoyed it so much! Sorry about my finger-the gloves were massive!

Kelly and the open sea (frozen) just before we headed home after a truly wonderful day and an experience neither of us will ever forget!

Saying goodbye to our new friend!