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Location: Canada

finally you can all see how i am living!!

that is our view from our window after a big fall!

this is my room mate leah sitting in our living room and

this is stacey - my friend who i went to vancover with to see a hockey game!! shes great!

katy and i on one our days off.

renee and i getting married - the priest is my supervisor and my trainer

this is at our staff casino party!! friends from work - it was sooooo fun

kristina and i !!

on our way to apre drinks after a long day of training!!.

me in the high school- we went to play indoor sports and it looks so american

my tidy room! yes thats how small it is - its not the camera angle!!im the top

me under a tree after skiing thru the shute

my room mates leah is the middle one - a little scary i know, and katie is the other one we get along really well