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more whistler pics

Location: Canada

these are a mix of vancover, the hockey, work and skiing

this was the crew i went to vancover with to see a hockey game

the steve erwin impersonator!! with the canadian goose! ohhh cricky, what a beauty!

my 6yr old club juniors, i have them every monday, they are all such good fun kids. started as never evers and now they are flying down the hill!! yay

the hockey game - canucks vs buffalos - we kicked butt!.

katy alex and i. i work with them they are great - so much fun!

me tackaling the boat race at my staff party - the theme was long underwear - dont worry i havent gone fashion crazy!

amazing photo of skiing, the mountain and the village below

my training session at the top of the mountain - the clearest prettiest day of the season

on morning session - yes thats right i was on a chair lift before the sun came up!

the hike up into the glacier!!

at work with my club kids on mondays!