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INDIA: Panaji, Hampi & Mysore

Location: India

17 May 2006, 9:33AM

Church of our lady of the immaculate conception (Panaji, Goa)

13 May 2006, 12:08PM

Me on a moped - don't i look GHETTO! (Cotigao, Goa)

20 May 2006, 10:46AM

Me on an elephant (Hampi, Karnataka)

20 May 2006, 7:08AM

Temple (Hampi, Karnataka)

21 May 2006, 1:09PM

Sunset (Hampi, Karnataka)

20 May 2006, 12:49PM

Myself & temple (Hampi, Karnataka)

22 May 2006, 10:06AM

Stone chariot (Hampi, Karnataka)

21 May 2006, 1:11PM

Suset (Hampi, Karnataka)

25 May 2006, 9:14AM

Me at the Maharaja's palace (Mysore, Karnataka)

24 May 2006, 8:35AM

Nandi statue on Chamundi Hill (Mysore, Karnataka)

25 May 2006, 10:55AM

Jasmine seller in market (Mysore, Kanataka)

25 May 2006, 10:50AM

Bindi for sale in market (Mysore, Karnataka)