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Swedish Winter

Location: Sweden

A few more Swedish photos - some pretty ones with Autumn and Winter and our awesome trip to Denmark

The girls in my life here - my mum on the left, my aunt whose 50th birthday we were celebrating, my grandmother and me - check out my mullet!

Autumn in Göteborg, it was so pretty. Here's my ma in the national park behind my house.

OK- heres a good one. This is the Flying Scotsman, the pub where I work. You probably won't recognise me cause I'm looking like a shocker but I'm next to the wallabies supporter, who I met there and behind is my legendary boss, Janne.

Freddan out by water near his parent's summer house.

My two great friends, Ulrika in the red jacket with her dog Leo, and Tinna in the black, with her dog Ronya.

The first day of snow in Göteborg, and the street where I live.

Frederiko on the ferry over to Denmark - the first clear sky I'd seen in about 4 weeks!

My beautiful Christmas tree in Freddan's apartment - it's real, and it smells beautiful!

Also in Denmark, this is at Skaagen (?) the very nothern point of Denmark, where the Pacific Ocean crashes into a Danish sea - it was quite impressive!