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Vietnam Part 1

Location: Vietnam

Our 3 day trek through villages around Sapa in the North East.

Paul and Ben and our guide Su - I love how she's dressed in the traditional clothing of her tribe plus the purple gummies.

Me and my gorgeous friend Nicola - she made jewellry and emroidered stuff to sell in the streets.

Cute kid... didn't even try to sell us anything!

Our trail along the walls of the fields with rice paddies below.

Su descends into our final village and place of our second night homestay.

Our hut where we spent the first night getting boozy and making beats for a beat box.

And get stuck for a couple of hours behind this bogged truck (it had delicate solar panels in the back)

We jeep it out of there.

While we wait for the truck to clear, we go in search of the hemp fields.