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More of the French Experience!

Location: Dijon/Paris, France

These are more photos from the places we've visited to experience more of French culture... And I've only been here 2 and a half weeks!

Lunch with the group in a wine cellar in Beaune - the wine capital of the Burgundy region.

Me, Brenden, and Cassi at our first wine tasting in the Burgundy region. My favorite was the Chablis - I'm definitely a white wine kinda girl!

Heather, me, and Cassi in front of the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris ("moulin rouge" means "red windmill," in case you were curious!)

All of the liquers made at the Edmond Briottet Maison de fabrication in Dijon. Their specialty is the wolrd-famous creme de Cassis, which we drink a lot of here. We had a sampling of Peche (peach), framboise (raspberry), Cassis, one other really gross one that I can't remember, and Creme de Caramel (sooooo tasty!). Also, I had my first escargot experience here - not so bad!

Sarah and Nathalie (our program director) on a cruise down the Seine River in Paris.