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Skivo Staff 06/07 Season

Hey everybody, this is the page where you can see exactly what we have been getting upto and check out photos!! Some photos are not suitable for sensitive eyes and parents!!!!!

Diary Entries

Monday, 02 April 2007

Location: UK

2 entries in one day!!!!

I would just like to thank everybody for their help, texts and phone calls falling my accident.

Iwould like to thank.........................................

Dippy, Mark and Jim for staying with me whilst lying in the cold snow.

Mark for jumping in front of a Piste basher to help.

Kev Ben and Candice for getting very annoyed thinking that we were just pissing around

Jim for coming with me to Moutiers and staying with me through everything and seeing far too much.

Kev and Candice for visiting me and bringing some stuff down for me whilst in Moutiers. Especially thanks to Kev for bringing me a bum board.

Thank you to Jim, Candice and Nicole for visitng me when I was in Grenoble hospital.

Dippy for visiting me dressed as a pirate!!

TO Nicola for being my text hospital buddy

Big Sam and Amanda for coming to visit

Kev and Candice for coming to pick me up after I was discharged.

Jim for tidying the bedroom

Thank you to Celia for coming to my rescue in my hour of need and driving me to the pharmacy.

Big big thank you to Jim for just being there and looking after me when I came out of hospital, and for listening to me whinge and cry when i was depressed in hospital. Couldn't have got through it all with out you.

Love you all

Monday, 02 April 2007

Location: UK

Hey people, sorry about the delay in updating, been a little hectic the last couple of weeks!!


We have had many injuries in the last couple of weeks so we are now going to update you on who is alive and well and who has been sent back to the grotty UK!! Here goes, it might take a while.

Well it all started with Lee, who broke his collar bone a number of weeks ago now, he is now fully fixed and back at work!!

Then there was Stella who hurt her knee, this heeled but then she went and broke her arm!! Adrian also hurt his knee, so they have now been struck off and are now back in the UK.

Then there was Nikki, who broke her neck. Bum boarding of all things. She has obviously been struck off and sent home, although I am pleased to report that she will be back on the 11th April, just in time for Jim's birthday.

Then there was Nicola, who replaced Nikki in Marguerite, Copper tried to top her and she sliced the main artery and tendon thingys in her thumb.

Then David crashed into a guest and hurt his leg.

Then Nicola's replacement dropped a knife INTO his foot, was back at work relatively quickly though.

Then Benjy Pops fell out of a Christmas tree and has broken his shoulder, I think he is being sent home this week.

So there you have it!! Will add more pictures soon!!!

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

I would like to give a special mention to my Jim and thank you for making me happy!!


Friday, 16 February 2007

Just a quick update for you!!!

Happy Birthday Amanda!!!!

We all went Ludging (a sledge run). I think most of the boys and Dippy nearly died, throwing themselves off of cliffs. Candice always seemed to arrive covered from head to toe in snow and Nikki would arrive with not a drop on her!!!

All the singles went out for dinner onValentines day, the rest of us were much luckier!!

We did the 50 50 challenge, having a drink in le praz, 1550, 1650 and 1850. Had a little dance in Kalicos! Ben got kicked of the bus!!

Don't really think there's a lot happening other than that!!

Love to you all


Tuesday, 06 February 2007

We have lost Kev and Cadice, has anyone seen them?? They went into the bedroom and have not been seen since!!!! If anyone has seen them please reply or Kev and Candice (Ken and Barbie) if you are reading this please let us know that you are ok!!

Jim and Nikki skied again!!!!! Been going on lots of walks though, still only drinking partners!!

Jade is "Just Jade"!

Dippy isn't getting much sleep at the moment!!

James has got a young lady, but, no one has actually met her yet! Does she really exist??

Moira is back with David!

It was Haydn's birthday yesterday!! Went to La Tania

Big Sam still hasn't smiled, think his face is likely to crack when he finally does!!

Big up to Wee Sam the second in command of the chief retards!!!

love to all our devoted readers, I promise that i'll put some more photos on very very soon!!!


Wednesday, 31 January 2007


Jim has been ski ing TWICE in one week

Nikki has been in bed for 3 days. Been very well looked after though.

Dippy has been dipping

Kev snapped his board

James has found a young lady, just Ben and Copper to find someone now

We have some sad news this week, Wee Sam has had to leave us. Our thoughts are with him and hos family at this time.

Thought for the day......... Answers on a postcard????

Why is Snow White???????

More photos soon

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Well we are all still having fun!! Although everyone is really ill at the moment. Well the ones who aren't drinking enough are getting ill!!!

Candis is learning to snow board!! Teaching Kev a thing or to

Nicole has successfully had the best fall ever, she managed to ski into the tables and chairs of a restaurant and they all went flying!!

We had a party at Parloup and Nicole got thrown in the hot tub, fully clothed with 7 guys. There are photos!!

Moira and David went on an Aeroplane flight, photos to follow!!

Nikki did a full days ski ing and made it all the way over to Val Thorens!!

Jim still hasn't skied!!!

Copper has started his basi foundation

James is joining in with kids' lessons

Ciao for now

Friday, 05 January 2007

Well we had a fab New Year!! We all went upto 1850 to watch the fireworks!! Very very drunk!! There were lots of bundles and kisses going on!! Nikki got knocked out and had to sit down for the rest of the evening! And we managed to destroy the bunny!! It's insides have come out. We will still take the shell with us everywhere though!!

Rich, managed to try break everyone's noses and or necks, just before falling of the bus!!

We then all came back down to Le Praz to go to the Pizzeria, the boys all dressed up in the girls clothes!! And went to the Pizzeria wearing them, very very amusing. One or two people actually thought that they were woman!!

The following day we all went to La tania ski lodge for lunch, just to make sure that the drinking was carried on!! The girls cracked open a bottle of champagne at about 10am for breakfast, then straight back on it!!

Thursday, 28 December 2006

Location: Le Praz, France

Hey everyone and welcome!!

Season has got off to a good start. We have all officially lost our kidney's, livers and lungs!! But think we remember having a fab time doing it!!

This $season we have adopted a white bunny rabbit called 'Polar Bun' (MR.Jackson's porn name)!! You will see it popping up all over the place, it is our job to get it to as many places as possible!! If you have any ideas as to where you'd like it to go, then just let us know!!

We had a fab christmas and did secret santa, some presents were better than others!! Porn magazine and dvd of 40 year old women!! Need we say more!!

New Years we are all dressing in fancy dress and going up to 1850 to watch fireworks and get pissed on the piste!! Could possibly (very likely) end up walking/slipping down the slope, all the way home!!

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From neice jodie
jimmy hendley.

hi uncle jimmy you look well. cant wait to see took me ages to finally find this page i couldn't find the address you give me so i had to use my clever how you doing,what are you upto?how is your girlfriend after you broke her neck lol only when will you be coming down because you still have not seen kaiden yet he is growing up fast. anyway take care and write back.i dont really now what to say. love your favorite neice jodie.
From jen
hey kev kev......nice toga!

love hugs and moos
jen x
From Suzi
Hey Kev, Candice and all the crew! Hope you's are having an ace time out there, Scotland sure aint the same without Kev about!

Hope to see you soooooooooon! xx
From mitchie moo
Hey Nikki Noo Noo
Me & Lawla are drinking jugs of woo-woos and missing you tons can't wait to see you next week and your blue neck brace! Hey Jim, you are doing a really good job looking after my bestest girl and all of us here can't wait to meet you. Lawla says"hey cripple come home & get drunk with me, Michelle is boring!!" Nick says "come home & rescue me please!". Anyway smell, love you tons & tons. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Shona, Lucy, Jen and
Hey Nikki Noo

Just having a fiddle of mich's computer. Hope ur having a bloody fantastic time!Nothings changed back here but you are missed lots! Looking forward to ur return and a night of boozing, hopefully not ending up at the blue rooms!! lots of love and hugs x x
From Mitchie Moo
Hey Nikki Noo Noo, guess who finally has her computer up & running!! Loving the photos but there aren't enough of you!! Usual crap going on at the Ellie, everyone still getting very pissed (which is good for me)!! Missing you loads & loads, Ellie has grown but she's still a bitch she now likes to piss in my lovely new fireplace!! Get some more photos and gossip about you on this page please!! Love you tons & tons, Michelle & Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: will try my best.
From Ems_Viv_Steve
Can't wait until we see you Nikki, and meet Jim....... Steve has lots of questions to ask :-)
Response: only 2 weeks
From kate
come back to the sham all is forgiven!!!looks like oyu are having a absolute blast can't wait for the stories when we are all sat round 101!!hope you've found me a fitty send him over.....
love you darling
Kate (tinkerbell)
Response: i'll be back to the table soon enough
From Candice Parents
Thanks for the update and photo`s, Could you tell Candice that when she arrives home her Father will be locking her she can DRY OUT.........keep the news and photo`s coming thanks xx
Response: Am going to try and update and put more photos on, on Friday
From Candice`s Parents
Come on Guys what are you up to???? Where is all the News..... Have you found Candice yet ??? Today here in Houston TX its down to 1 degree its unheard of here........if they see a ground frost here the WHOLE place comes to a stand still
Response: we have found candice, but she has not been out in a while!!
I am uploading photos for all to see today!!
From Sammy
Yo Nik Nik's - Missing you chick pea!!! The Sham is not the same without you.
Loving the photos looks like your having a blast only wish it was as exciting here.
I thought you may have taken your wonderwoman outfit with you but not seen any evidence as yet!
The only similarities to the Sham and Skivo are it is fcuking freezing here as well, although no snow to ski, that would be amusing me on the piste - on the piss yes but on the piste nooooooo!
Anyway will bell you soon tweackle

Luv ya, miss ya and hugs and kisses to ya.
Sammy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Might try and get my wonderwxoman outfit sent out!! love ya lots
From Mrs Hoenberg
Hello Poo Face, you know who you are you dirty dog!! Hope your keeping the boys on their toes!! Love ya. xx Mrs Hoenberg. xx
Response: Of course!!!
From Laura Notty

Looks like me and Ceals will be out to see you in April, cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!

Laurs xxxx
Response: Yay!!!!
From viv
Hi guys

Looks as tho things have quietened down since new year look forward to seeing new photos - are there any where you are'nt drinking and hows bun
Response: Things will never quiten down!!!
hi Candice whats going on with this Kev, do you need us to rescue you darlings...........or is he rich, does he cook or is he gay Love Mummy and Daddy xx
Response: yeah all of the above!!!!
Will keep you updated!!!
From laura
hi nikki (and kev big sam and ben!!)
looks like ya all havin a good time!! hope ya all well!! kev - ur hair looks good but i cant believe ur still wearing that hat!! where r u all living? i hope its nicer than our pad last year!! ha ha!! hows the snow out there??its very depressing here, very windy and raining lots as usual!! take care and have fun
laura xxxxxx
Response: We're living in the dutch chalet!! Party party party
From Portia
Hey guys! Well you definatley look like your having fun. Sam i must say i think you look quite fit with long hair. Candice you be careful you dont get even more of a chalet girls bum!!! Hope you guys from last year are enjoying the season as much as last yearxxxxxx
Response: Kev's definately enjoying it more than last season, ask Candice about that one!!!!!
From jaz - jades sis
hiya!:D lookin good:P hehe. looks like ur havin fun anyway!!! :P u will need 2 work harder on ur 360's cuz it will be a bit embarasing if i were to show u up!!!:P wel speek soon nd keep havin a ball! :D xxxxxxx
From Laura Notty
Hi Nikki Pikki,
Missing you lots and lots aswell as Chipstick, Snookie, Boggle and Robbie Keane !! They are all alive and wish you a merry xmas and happy new year xxxxxxxxx
Response: As long as they stay that way!!! Don't over feed them!!!
Response: Happy New Year!!!! xx
From Candice`s Mummy and
.......Well hello the photo`s, keep them coming, if 'Polar Bun" wants a break from you lot send him to us in Texas..........will book him into the Betty Ford clinic xx
Response: Good idea will let you know!!! Good job I have parents like you two cos that is where i learnt to drink!!!!!! Thanks xx P.S. We already have several addicts in need of a spell in the betty ford!!!