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Steve & Lynne - Europe Two

Welcome to Steve & Lynne's Travel Page. Only a week to go and we are starting to get very excited. We will keep a record of our travels for all of you to read. We'd love to hear from you over the next few weeks so please leave a comment, and we will try to find time to reply.

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Location: Paris, France

Finally here...our last destination city. We spent the day looking at places we hadn't seen the last time, Cluny Museum, Luxemborg Gardens & Palace, and the amazing Museum of The Army, complete with Napoleon's tomb...oh, and back to the Eiffel Tower again. More sightseeing tomorrow, and then it's back to Australia.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Location: Beaune, France

Disembarked from the boat this morning and visited another little gem by bus, the town of Beaune in the Burgundy provence. Probably the highlight town of the boat trip. Another walled city with medieval streets and buildings. We wandered the streets for a few hours and Lynne celebrated by - you guessed it - buying another tapestry! Then we drove to Paris - we'll hit the ground running tomorrow.

Sunday, 07 October 2012

Location: Perouges, France

Another little gem of a find was this little medieval town, just outside of Lyon. We bused it up a hill to a fortress enclosed town with tidy little cobblestoned streets, and ancient houses with plants growing on the side of them. We sampled the local dish, sugar pie and apple cider - sounds sickly but was OK. The town is used as a back drop for Medieval films like The Three Musketeers. This is a "go back to" place.

Sunday, 07 October 2012

Location: Lyon, France

We docked here Sunday morning, the annual marathon was on, so our movement in the city was restricted, it was raining a little, and on Sundays in France most of the shops are shut. Lynne reckons that the cruise was therefore planned by a man, and I think he's done a good job! Lyon was a tidy, although big city, with an old town and a great big cathedral - who'd have thought! It looked like a foodie paradise.

Saturday, 06 October 2012

Location: Rhone River, Ardeche, France

Into our last week away now :( We've been sailing along the Rhone River and visiting little medieval towns along the way, all very impressive. Have just docked at Lyon and we're ready to explore here. Lynne is amazed at the way the shops are presented, and the types of shops that France has - nothing like what we have in Australia. I've been pleased that most of the shops have been shut!

Thursday, 04 October 2012

Location: Avignon, France

Arrived in Avignon last night and we have spent the day walking the streets in the old part of town - once again another walled city. Too big, not as nice as Arles and St Remy - Lynne resisted the temptation to shop here, but finally found an almond croissant which got the thumbs up. We are enjoying our five course dinners and tonight we have entertainment from a gypsy band - have seen some gypsy caravans over the last few days.

Wednesday, 03 October 2012

Location: Department of Provence, France

Late yesterday we got on board the boat that will be our home for a week after driving from Monaco (5 hours) to the mouth of the Rhone River. We spent the day in Arles, Saint Remy, and following the trail of the locations where Vincent Van Gogh did a lot of his famous paintings. Lynne was in her element, looking at the fabrics, the boutiques, and the Roman ruins along the way.

Monday, 01 October 2012

Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

I'm sitting in luxury in a five star hotel overlooking the famous hairpin on the formula 1 circuit and built on top of the tunnel the cars race through, after driving the last 200km from Briancon this morning. We went cross country and zigzaged our way up and down mountains and past ski resorts - got above the treeline (2800 metres up). Got into Monaco, and the traffic is the most manic I've every seen - Lynne was stressed, but de-stressed by resting in the room. Not shopping here until tomorrow morning. Walked around the city following the Grand Prix track, had dinner and I blew 20 Euro at the Casino (had to have a go).

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Location: Alpe d'Huez, France

Cranked up the BMW this morning and drove 76km to the top of Alpe d'Huez (one of the most famous finishing points for stages in the Tour De France). It took nearly 2 hours because of the winding roads, and the 21 hairpin corners over the final 13km. It was foggy and wet so unfortunately we don't have very good pics. Lynne was impressed, better than she thought it would be and she has a new appreciation for the cyclists. Back to Briancon in the afternoon - we climbed one of the forts and then explored the old town again.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Location: Briancon, France

We drove from Varese (Northern Italy) this morning after stopping at a B&B in the rich part of town, but only a fairly average town overall - it was a halfway rest point after all. Investigated a couple of quaint little villages on two of the seven lakes on the way to Briancon. What an amazing place. It looked good on the Tour De France telecast and exceeded my expectations - inside one of the four fortresses on the top of the hill was the old town, complete with remnants of the moat and drawbridge guarding a 12th Century town plus drainage systems running through the middle of two streets. It looked like Diagon Alley. We ate here both nights (see pics).

Friday, 28 September 2012

Location: Varese, Italy

Back into Italy for just a day on our way to the French Alps. Drove from Lucerne along the edge of Lake Lucerne and had breakfast in a little town called Vitznau before getting back onto the autobahn. This road included an 18km long tunnel - most of it straight - you need to be concentrating through it. Stopped for lunch on the Swiss/Italian border - parked the car in Switzerland and had coffee in Italy. Very bizarre. The B & B is quaint and will be good for a relax before we set off tomorrow.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Location: Lucerne, Switzerland

Drove from the Tyrolean Mts into Switzerland for our only day there. We aimed for Lucerne and spent the afternoon and evening walking around the old town and crossing the river on the old wooden bridges. A very picturesque city. Looked for a fondue meal for dinner but everything is very expensive in Switzerland, so we had pizza instead! Our last day with Karen & David before we travel in different directions.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Location: Hall In Tirol, Austria

We are here by mistake, but what a great place. Picked up the hire car after checking out at Salzburg and drove to Wattens, the home of Swarovski Crystals, via a little town just over the German border called Kossen. We went to the equivalent of their factory outlet, and Lynne shopped again. I got to drive on a German Autobahn in a BMW M3 coupe - pretty special. We were aiming for Innsbruck, but I stuffed up the hotel booking and there was no room at the Inn in Innsbruck, so we came back to the little town of Hall on Tirol and found a great hotel in a town which dates back to 1200, nestled underneath the Tyrolean Mountains - breathtaking. We've decided we like Austria very much.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Location: Salzburg, Austria

We spent our last day in Salzburg checking out the city in the morning and taking more pics of Sound Of Music related vistas - Lynne danced around the Do Re Mi fountain! In the afternoon we visited the Werfen Ice Caves. Spectular, and once again higher than the highest point in Australia. We walked 1400 stairs and up steep inclines and a cable car to get to them. We really earned our dinner at a beer garden (in the grounds of a church)!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Location: Salzburg, Austria

Back to Austria in the afternoon, and we did the Sound Of Music tour. It could have been diabolical, but it was actually quite good. We got pictures of many of the locations where the film was shot, including the lake where the boat capsized, the palaces, the live mountain, the female deer, some goats, and the gazebo, where I took a picture of Lynne whilst singing "you are 52 going on 53". Then it rained.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Location: Berchtesgarden, Bavaria, Germany

Visited Eagle's Nest (Hitler's retreat) today - absolutely breathtaking, smaller but better than I expected. The day was sunny and clear so we could see very clearly the ring of eastern Alps mountains (including the second highest peak in Germany), some with traces of snow. We were higher above sea level than Kosciuszko. We celebrated by singing "Top Of The World".

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Location: Salzburg, Austria

Now back in Austria, driving again from Cesky Krumlov to Salzburg, via Hallstadt. The countryside was beautiful, and Hallstadt is a quaint little alpine town nestled on the side of a steep mountain with a lake on the other side - just like a model train village (see pictures). Made it to Salzburg late afternoon ready for our trips around this part of Austria and Bavaria for the next few days.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Location: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Up early and left for Cesky Krumlov via Melk in Austria. Visited the stunningly beautiful Melk Abbey and were lucky enough to hear the cathedral pipe organ in action in the new winner of the your church is better than my church competition. Then we drove through Austrian farm villages and across the Czech border to Cesky Krumlov, like a mini version of Prague and full of old world charm. Lynne fell in love with the town, and celebrated by shopping again.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Location: Vienna, Austria

Day two in Vienna, and we started with a visit to the training of the Spanish Horses. Dave and I walked to the Danube, but it was green, not blue. We went to a classical music, ballet and opera concert - ballet and opera were ordinary, I went to sleep, and Lynne tackled the coat nazi on the door, and then he came on stage as the lead tenor. All in all, we enjoyed Vienna.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Location: Vienna, Austria

We sadly said goodbye to Tuscany, and boarded a 6:30am flight to Vienna (2 hrs flight). Vienna is a real surprise - clean, beautiful, organised, polite, and elegant. We walked around the old town (there's a surprise!) and did a tour of the city and the three main palaces in the afternoon. Schonbrunn palace is a mini Versailles, complete will garden - 400 acres of palace and garden. We celebrated our first day in Austria with a schnitzel, beer and strudel dinner.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Location: Florence, Italy

Our first day of wet weather saw us investigating the city centre of Florence. We visited the statue of David and the Bargello Museum before wandering the streets, and checking out Ponte Vecchio and the Santa Maria de Fiore Cathedral - a wopper. Didn't go to the Uffizi, there was a far queue. Lynne proved that wet weather doesn't dampen the shopping experience, and I now won't be able to retire until I'm 93. Pup, you'd be proud! On to a new country tomorrow.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Location: Pistoria, Italy

Where? A small town close to Florence. We've just got back to our hotel after a five course meal at a restaurant in the old town area of Pistoria. Left Monterosso today, via Pisa, where we climbed the leaning tower right up to the bell tower at the top. It's amazing to think we've seen so much and we're still in Italy. Lynne says Northern Italy is fabulous. Florence tomorrow, and Lynne is handbag hunting - luckily I've got the credit card.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Location: Italian Riviera, Lugeria, Italy

Spent today hopping on and off ferries on the Liguerian Sea on the Italian Riviera close to the French border, visiting places like Rapallo, Portofino & Santa Marguerita Ligure - this place was the pick, so tidy and picturesque and has the winner of the my church is bigger than your church competition - no less than 20 chandeliers in amongst the marble, stained glass, frescos and gold leaf painting. Lynne is in awe of the beauty of Northern Italy. Onward to Pisa tomorrow.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Location: Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy

We are sitting on our top floor balcony of our hotel perched on the side of a cliff overlooking the Mediterrean and the town of Monterosso, one of the five Cinque Terre villages. Lynne now wants to live here. Yesterday we visited the marble quarry hills above Carrara, and today we are travelling by train and hiking back through the other four towns. The sun is shining and we are so lucky to have great weather for all of this.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Location: Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

Our last day in Lucca was spent walking through the Tuscan hills close to Lucca, tasting olive oil and having lunch in a local restaurant - yum! When we got back to town we biked around the fortress wall and endured an operatic concert in the evening (I think the sopranos thought they were Anna & Frida, but they didn't sing Fernando). Another great day in Italy.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Location: Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

We arrived in Lucca yesterday after a train ride from Venice. Walked down to St Mark's Square for a final look before leaving Venice. Lynne announced she's coming back, so I'm not retiring for a while it seems. Lucca is very unique, it is surrounded by a fortress wall built 500 odd years ago and inside are little alley ways and piazzas, usually accompanied by churches, all entrants in the my church is better than your church competition. We had a four course welcome dinner last night at a very impressive Italian restaurant - Lynne's got the menu. David turns 60 today, what a place to celebrate!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Location: Venice, Italy

We left David & Karen in Florence and arrived in Venice today. Wow, how fantastic! Lynne said to me during the day this was one of the best days of her life seeing and walking through Venice, and announced it's better than Paris. Those that know her well know what a big statement that it. She promptly celebrated by buying a handbag. Will do some guided tours, including a gondola ride, tomorrow.

Sunday, 09 September 2012

Location: Rome, Italy

Hi everyone - it's early Sunday morning and after a frantic travel experience (which included Lynne getting security checked at Sydney airport) we've spent our first day in Rome. Amazingly, I didn't get struck down by lightning at The Vatican! We didn't meet up with Karen & David until Saturday, and then we hit the ground running, walking for 11 hours around Rome and checking out the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and The Vatican - all amazing. Heading for more of the same today, walking towards The Colosseum and The Forum. I've put up some pics of our travels yesterday.

Thursday, 06 September 2012

Location: Australia

Today's the day - we're off to the other side of the world to start our adventure. First stop, Rome tomorrow.

Monday, 03 September 2012

Location: Hamlyn Terrace, Australia

Hi everyone, getting very close now to take off time. We've put the finishing touches on all our plans and we are looking forward to starting our adventures.

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Recent Messages

From Di & Dave
Hi Lynne & Steve,

Well the updates sound fabulous and really enjoyed the photo & comments. Especially the signs - Ausfahrt & Badjasse - they are definately your signs Steve. Did Lynne say something was better than chocolate .... never! Enjoy your last few days xx
Response: Hi Di & Dave, just hit the hotel in Paris - internet connection wasn't that good on the boat so we are a bit behind on updates...couple of beautiful see again towns along the way and lots of food. Nathan is in the air, about to land in Dallas TX, don't know if you know. Only two days left - we'll make the most of it. Love, Steve & Lynne
From Marie
Hope you really enjoy the last part of your fantastic trip. See you soon. Marie xxx
Response: Hi Marie, can't believe the holiday is about to end. I've had the most incredible experiences. Looking forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday. Lots of love, Lynne
From Marie
Love all the photos and the funny comments! Looks like you are having a great time. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Marie xxx
Response: Dear Marie, hope you are well & school is under control. We are having an absolutely fantastic time - Monaco was unbelievable. We've just boarded the boat ready for the river cruise. Love to you and everyone, Lynne & Steve.
From Di & Dave
Hi guys,

I hope you had some tea with jam & bread? Sounds like you really enjoyed Austria. You certainly had fabulous weather for Eagles Nest. We could hardly see a thing the clouds were so low but it was still and interesting place. Hope you had some holy water in the Eagles Nest beer garden?
Mum has just read your blogs and looked at the pictures - she said to say hi and is glad you are having a great time. Did you get to watch the game anywhere? I have no idea who won, I had to wash my hair!
Response: Hi Di & Dave, we've been out of internet connection for three days now, so it's catch up time at the five star hotel in Monaco next to the hairpin corner on the F1 track. Didn't see the game, and don't want to know the result (or Bathurst next weekend) - watching them when I get home. Going to try and catch up on photos now. Briancon was amazing. Bye for now, Steve & Lynne.
From Jerry & Carolyn
Sounds like the trip continues to be exciting. Hope you enjoyed the Swarovski Cystral factory. I am happy to see you continue to support the world economy. Great meeting you and Lynn.
Response: Hi Jerry & Carolyn, great to hear from you. Oh yes, the girls enjoyed the Crystal Factory, the boys and the credit cards not so much. Did you hear about the injuries on the Cinque Terre walk last Monday, only a week after us - pretty scary. Onward to Switzerland today - Austria has been wonderful. So glad to have met you both
From Lindsay
Yeah dont worry I wont tell you Ill record it though.
Haha yes bailey is still alive...
Well feel free to have an extended holiday.
No only joking, please come back im sick of cleaning !
Love Lindsay
Response: Mum was impressed with your comments Lindsay - does this mean at last you truly appreciate us! Don't worry, we'll be back.
From Di & Dave
Hallstadt looks beautiful, in fact, it all looks beautiful. Lynne should have let you buy the danger gas sign - what a classic and I loved the Horni Street lol. Good to see you have enjoyed a bit more holy water!! You know where you should be heading and you are soooo close ........ Munich for Ocktoberfest. Lynne will love Salzburg and no doubt will shop some more xxx
Response: I'm sampling all the holy water I can find, and the best cold beer is Stegl (local Salzburg brew - better than Corona). Yeah, know we're close to Munich and Oktoberfest is next weekend, but I've sat in a beer garden in Munich before and we couldn't fit it in to make the river cruise. Did Eagles Nest (Germany) and the Sound of Music tours (Austria) today - saw some female deer, some live hills, and sang 52 going on 53 at the Gazebo. Keep watching and planning for when you come with us next time. Steve & Lynne :)
From Barry and Barb
We are enjoying your blog especially the part we were able to share with you. We had 2 more days in Florence after the group ended. Visited sienna and San Gimignano and would love to spend more time in San G with all its towers and vistas! You sound like you are really having a wonderful time. Greet David and Karen for us. You all made our trip to Italy memorable :).
Response: Hi guys, so good to hear from you. I'm glad you continued to have some great days, and we agree that the Amber Road experience was enhanced by having met you both. David & Karen got to San Giam & Sienna before the trip, and they said it was great. We had a great day today in Bavaria & Salzburg, but too tired to post today - stay tuned over the next few days.
From Di & Dave
Hi Steve & Lynne, continuing to enjoy the updates and photos. We both loved Austria as well and of course Cesky Krumlov, another place we will have to go back too. Hope you walked up to the castle to get the fabulous view of the town.
Bit concerned about all the shopping bags you were carrying in Florence Steve ...... might be an excess baggage charge on the way home! All I can say is though, keep shopping Lynne and keep working Steve! Bye for now, Di & Dave xx
Response: Hi Di & Dave, reading this in Salzburg, now we arrived late Sunday after a drive from Czech back to Austria, via Hallstadt. What an amazing place this is! (see photos). Yes, Lynne continues to shop - bought a tapestry in C. Krumlov. I
From Lindsay
Hi Mum and Dad,
Just to let you know Swans v Hawks in the Grandfinal :)
Hope your having a wonderful time and Stef sends her love from her and her family.
Love you both xo
Response: Hi Lindsay, thanks for writing to us, and for keeping in touch with Nanna. I'm hoping not to know the grand final result so don't tell me please. Bad news, we've decided to spend more of the inheritance, Mum wants to live in every town we visit (no, only joking). Hope Uni and work are going well. Is Bailey still alive? Love Mum & Dad.
From Kate and Nathan
Hi Steve and Lynne,
It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! We are all doing well especially after last nights AFL result :) Hope the rest of your trip goes well, looking forward to all the photos when you get back.
Love Kate xx
Response: Hi Kate, caught the result before I read your note - very good news. Going to try and have a media blackout for next Saturday, and watch when I get home. We are having a great time, and are enjoying Austria as much as Italy. You'll have to drag Nathan over here for a holiday with you. "Slide night" when we get back - ask your Mum & Dad, they'll know what that is. Lots of Love Lynne & Steve.

From Fi & Jen
Pleased to see that you are having great time. Havent won lottery yet but we will be please to have you back in office till your late 90's Steve! Enjoy rest of your trip. xxxx
Response: Hi girls, great to hear from you. As well as photos we are eating our way through Europe - Lynne reckons I'll have to go on a strict exercise programme. Looking forward to telling you all about our travels when I get back. Love Steve & Lynne
From Judi Wade
Dear Lynne and Steve
Sounds like an excellent trip that you are enjoying. Takes me back to my recent adventures. Chn at CPS ask constantly where you are, so I have been filling them in on your itinerary. They are excited about sharing the finer details and really miss you Lynne.Staff do too.

Response: Dear Judi, so glad you're enjoying our adventures. Sadly we have said goodbye to Italy and arrived in Austria today. Vienna is a pleasant surprise...all the buildings have highly decorative facades and huge plazas are everywhere. Checked out the three main palaces today, and will see the Spanish horses tomorrow. Please let 2/3/4 know that Running With The Horses is based on the horses that we will see tomorrow. Give my love to everyone and keep in touch. Love Lynne & Steve
From Pup
Well done to you both. Looks like you are having a ball! Love the pics. Carry on shopping!! (After all, 93 is so young these days!!)
Response: Hi Pup, wait 'til you see the Florence pics! In Vienna now, and it's an extremely clean and elegant city. Great to hear from you, Love Lynne & Steve.
From wilt &karen
We are so enjoying your trip :) :)
Response: Glad you're enjoying our escapades - keep watching. In Vienna now and unfortunately will miss Eva by one day.
From Suzie Ayres
Hi Steve, I agree with Lynne Chinque Terre is the best especially Santa Margherita, loved it and looking forward to going back. Be careful buying leather etc as you sometimes have to pay the tax and although you are supposed to get the tax back when you leave the country, sometimes you miss out. Better to pay cash if you can and make sure you ask for a tax free discount seeing you are Australian.
Response: Hi Suzie, that's for your tip. Yes on to the tax thing, also with jewelery. Handbags are all purchased now. Leaving for Vienna tomorrow.
From sandra and michael
Your blog is so interesting and the pics with the captions are great.
Love the one about the toilet at the station. Couldn't stop laughing. Will show Michael when he gets home. Look forward to more instalments. Sandra
Response: You go into the toilets and it's multiple choice how they are operated, some are pedal operated to flush, we even found one in Italy with a hose...and you have to concentrate when there are two bowls in the one room! Keep watching! Love Lynne & Steve.
From Dianne
Hi Steve & Lynne, loving the travel update and especially the photo descriptions. Had a big chuckle at the Fannybazar! Looks like you are having a fabulous time. Think we need to head to this region of Italy!
Take care, Love Di xox
Response: I think we need to travel together next time. Didn't expect this part of Italy to be this good - we are having a fantastic time and we are still only in one country. The Amber Road Tour is first class, small tour with out of the way places, and four star hotels - what a way to go. Glad you like the captions, I'll try to keep them coming.
From Lorrise
Hi from Mum and Aunty Lorrise. Photos are great, following your trip day by day, so glad you are both enjoying it. We want to come too!!!! All's well here and having fun. cheers Mum and Lorrise
Response: Great to hear from you. We have left two messages on your answering machine (Mum) as we didn't know you were at Aunty Lorrise's until yesterday. Hope your procedure went well. We have had the most incredible experiences so far - Lynne wants to move to Italy. Tomorrow I'm shopping for a handbag for you in Florence. Take care of yourselves and keep in touch. Lots of love, Lynne & Steve.
From Judi
Great pics Steve. Keep them coming! Lots of love to Lynne from me and the Kids
Response: Dear Judi & Cowan students - enjoying Italy tremendously. Venice was wonderful, as was Lucca. We have walked many kilometres in the last week & have enjoyed incredible scenery. It is an artists' paradise as you know. Thank you for looking after the children and please send them my love. Keep in touch, Love Lynne & Steve.
From Dianne Henry
Hi Steve & Lynne, glad to hear your trip is going well. Tell Lynne we might have to go to Venice with you both if you are going back. We didnt like it but said we would give it another go!
Big call - better than Paris, sorry, cant agree with that one!
Loving the holy water - we had holy water everyday of our Europe trip lol. Love the T-shirts Steve, hope you have one for each country you will be visiting! Enjoy the cinque terres and looking forward to more updates and more photos, Di & Dave xx
Response: Yes, we were talking about us going overseas together the next time. Lynne now says she wants to live in Lucca, so I guess I'll have to be the sole winner in a $60 million jackpot draw. The aim is to get a T-shirt from each country and Lynne is getting a Xmas deco from each country. Cinque Terre tomorrow
From Home
Hi Mum and Dad
Just viewed some of the photos from Rome and Venice! WOW! it all looks amazing.
The house is fine, everything is fine.
Looking forwars to seeing more.
Miss you guys
Love Lindsay, Nathan, Nanna and Bailey xoxoxox
Response: Great to hear from you - miss you a lot. Keep holding the fort and watching what we are up to. Mum has told me to win lotto so she can buy in Tuscany. About to go on a bike ride around Lucca on the fortress walls. Love you all, Mum & Dad.
From Lesia
I've heard that Venice has an ambience that is unmatched - glad you were able to find a suitable way to celebrate, Lynne. Looking forward to hearing more about Venice and seeing your handbag! :)
Response: Dear Leisa, wonderful to hear from you, I am definitely in paradise and loving. Fabulous food and wine, shopping is amazing but expensive. Hope you are well, keep in touch, Love Lynne & Steve
From Marie
Better than Paris, have you gone mad Lynne!!!!!!!
Response: Dear Marie, great to hear from you. Missing you heaps but having a fabulous time eating beautiful food, drinking delicious wine, and walking it off every day. Amber Road Tour is first class. Off to Pisa tomorrow after Portofino and Santa Marguerita Ligure today. Love to everyone, please keep in touch.
From LIS
Hi Steve

Looks like you and Lyn are having a fabulous time and the weather is great. Love the photos, LIS, Wyong
Response: Hi Suzie & Phil, yes having a fantastic time. Have to say that the street numbering is very interesting. Now in Tuscany, been through some little villages nestled on mountain ridges this morning. Everything is fantastic. Thanks for the message, Steve