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Beth's adventures 2007

Welcome to my Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me, I will get back to you when time and facilities allow.

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Met up with Darsh and Bav for beer last night. It was nice to see them. They were also exited to have an overseas visitor.

Today I was suppose to go to see dolphins. The trip wwas cancelled due to the bad weateher:-( They offered me some alternatives so I went to Canbera for the day. Or rather spent the day on a coach (7:30 AM to 9:30 PM) and a few rushed visits to museums etc.
It was a good day though.
We visited the Museum of Austrailia, Parliament house and the Australian war memorial museum.
Both the museums were very good but woulod have been nice to have more time in.
We stopped on the way back for food at some nice little town. They have a statue of a sheep there, it was huge must be at least the hight of 2 or 3 double deckers.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Today I had breakfast with a Koala.
That was the first stop on todays trip.
Then went around the zoo type place we were at and looked at the other native animals.
Stooped off for lunch in Mount Victoria then went onto the Blue Mountains.
There are a couple of cable cars that you get great views from.
I didn't go on them. I don't like them and I did all the scary high stuff in New Zealand.
However it was really foggy, so the peple that did go on the cable cars didn'e get to see the great views either.
I did go on the railway they have there, the steepest incline in the world they say. It runs at an average of 45 degrees and is 52 degrees at it's steepest point.
The guy driving said 'its OK it's not a rollercoaster as we got on. I think it bears a very large resemblance to the start of the black hole ride at alton towers, only it's slower.
Stopped off on the way back at a viewing point to see kangaroo's in the wild and have champagne, as you do.

Trying to get some more photo's on the web site, but need to find a computer quick enough. You may have to be patient, but they'll get there.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Location: Sydney - Hunter Valley, Australia

Todays trip was to the Hunter Valley region for wine tasting and a visit to the Hunter Valley gardens.
It started out wet and horrible, but once we were out of Sydney it brightened up for the rest of the day.
First stop was in a little village pub (at about 10:30 AM) to try DR Judes Jungle Juice. Very nice indeed:-)
Then we went on to the mount pleasant vinyards for a tour and talk on how they make the wine. Then onto Lunch and wine tasting. 4 types of wine with the meal to try and then you can go upto the bar & taste more and maybe even buy some.
The meal was lovely, the wine was OK. But they also do a really nice port:-)
For me then it was onto the Hunter valley gardens, great place even in the winter, it must be even better in the summer when there are more flowers in bloom. Only problem was I filled the memory card in the camera :-( I had some I could delete :-) But soon filled it up again..............
Then up to the shopping village to meet the coach, and have a look at the shops of couse.
Then a quick dash to find a suitable computer so I could copy some pics freom the camera onto a memory stick to make space for photo's from the rest of the week.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Well what a fun filled day.
Went to the information centre and got some trips booked for the week.
Then went for a walk around the Rocks area & through a market there, lots of lovely stuff.
The sun had come out, blue skys etc. lovely.
Then went and got on a ferry that visits various points around the harbour.
Got off at Watsons bay and went up to a walkway there.
You can see the sea on one side & the harbour the other. Got a great view with the clear skys.
Hopped back on the ferry & went for a tour around the opera house.
The tour was very interesting & the theatres were too, but no photo's aloud, so you'll have to come and see that for yourselves.
Back to the hotel for something to eat & sleep :-)

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Had a quiet couple of days in Christchurch.
Been to the Canterbury museum, the botanical gardens & Hagley park.
I also went to the Art Gallery. There was some art there but also a few pictures (probably about 3) that were taking the mick a bit.
Met up with Chris, Sue, Stephen & Rachael for dinner. It was a good evening.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Location: Akoroa, New Zealand

Went on another trip today. Got the bus over to Akoroa and then went out on a boat trip. The drive over was great, had a couple of photo stops. It was cold, but the sun was out and the sky was blue.
The boat trip was to go and see dolphins, but they stayed home coz' it was too cold and wet. A storm had started to make its was into the coast by now/
I did see a glimps of one as it dived in the water :-) but only very briefly.
Saw some of the birds around the bay and lots of rocks & stuff.
Lots of info about how the area was formed by the volcanos that were/are there.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Location: New Zealand

Went on another Lord of the Rings tour today.
I'm not lord of the rings mad, but it's a great way to get out and see some of the countryside.
We stoped off at Rakaia gorge & lake Clearwater on the way for photo's. then went to a place called mount sunday. It is the place where thay filmed Rohan, Edorous & the Golden Hall.
They took abut 8 months or somehting to build the set and only filmed there for 4 weeks or something daft.
The amount of effort they put into it all was amazing. As you vcan see from the films. We could also see the place they used for Helms deep form where we were.
We drove most of the way up mount Sunday, then wlked to the top carrying lunch, champagne a sword and an axe.
We had replica's from the films. We ate lunch and drank champagne on top of mount sunday, then carried all that was left back to the car.
It was a beautiful day, a bit chilly but a really sunny blue sky. The area we wnet to is often very windy, but we got it on a calm day. Couldn't have been better.
We did get a flat tyre on the way back, but there you go.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Went to the Arts centre & market again today. There were alot more stalls & some great stuff to see.

Met up with Stephen, Chris & their families caught up on all the family stuff. Looked through photo's etc.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Easy day to day.
Arranged some trips for next week. Nothing bad, another Lord of the Rings sight seeing tour and a boat trip to see dolphins.
Then caught the tram around Christchurch to see some of the sights and get a bit of history. Finaly managed to get some more pics from the camera onto the web site too.
Like I said, an easy day.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Drove up from Rotorua yeasterday to Auckland.
Was a nice day, the country side looked great as always.
Today, I went to the Sky Tower. The tallest building in the Southern hemisphere, went up to one of the viewing decks, in a lift with a glass bottom, lovely. Its a nice day, so the views were prety good, spectacular even. They have glass foors in some areas of the viewing platform too. Fortunately not all of it, or I wouldn't have got very far. I did make it to the windows to take some pictures.
I don't think I will be doing anything that involves being high for the rest of my trip. Apart from flying of course.
Although I', on the 9th floor in my hotel at the moment. I have a great view of the harbour.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Location: The sky above Taupo, New Zealand


I was smiley really, at some points anyway.
I was last on the plane and first out, which was nice.
We jumped, and I decided I didn't like it much. I think you get about 40 to 60 seconds of free fall at 180 miles or KM per hour (can't remember which), it seemed like forever. Funily enough I didn't like the free fall bit:-(
Once the chute was opened and we had slowed down a bit, it was great, the view was amazing, It was a clear day and we were supose to be able to see both the east & west coast. That may have been during the free fall bit, when I had my eyes closed though. I had a good look around took it all in and got my breath back :-)

The landing was good, it was nice to be back on the ground.

I had a look around Taupo, it's a beautiful place. The lake is the biggest in the southern hemisphere.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Location: Waitamo, New Zealand

Today was cave day.
Went and got kitted out, overall, wellington boots (shows how hard the caving was) and my harness for the abseil.

We started with a 100M abseil down into the caves.
The abseil was great. Getting onto the ropes to start was scary, you have to stand, then sit on the edge of a platform 100M above a big hole.
The Abseil part, you are in an almost seated position, so you naturally look across rather than down or up. You let yourself down at a reasonable pace, taking in the surroundings. Which were pretty cool. We wern't allowed cameras so no pics, but I do have some postcards that show some of it.
Once down, you of course have to make your way, 100M back up...
Not too bad, a little bit of rock climbing, but nothing too difficult, remember we're all wearing wellies. But the bit where you get to the ladder, 30M vertical. You'd think it would be easy, if your young, fit maybe. I did manage it but it hurt a bit from all the hanging on. It was worth it, we got orange juice and chocolate at the top of the ladder. Everything from there on was pretty OK. We were attached to safety ropes all the time so there wasn't ever far to fall. no one did, by the way.
The most dangerous part, I thought was the walk to and from the caves. It was raining and we had to go up/down grassy hills to get there and back, the wellies didn't have much grip. There was the odd slip there. No major incidents, just a few bruises, my legs look like a 12 year old who's just come in from playing up the hills.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

HI, was suppose to go out on a trip today, but the weather is aufull so it has been postponed.
Went out to the Burried Village instead.
It is a site that used to be a tourist attration until 121 years ago the volcano errupted and desryoyed the surrounding villages and the hot pools the tourists were coming to visit.
They have excavated some of the area and found remains on the hotel, black smiths, locals houses etc. You can sea some of the areas they have uncovered and some of the items they recovered.

I also tried to put more pics on the site as they are a bit behind but am having diffiulty finding appropriate computers believe it or not.
The time slots are a bit little for uploading pictures, so half way through you get logged off and loose stuff.
I will be back in Aucland in a few days and I know a place I can go that works, so I'll sort it all out then.
Goint to Waitomo tomorrow to visit their caves and see some glow wroms.

Saturday, 09 June 2007

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

Went up to Matamata today to visit the Shire.
Visited the farm where they built the Hobbit's village for Lord of the Rings.
There are the remains of some of the Hobbit homes, but all the pretty stuff has been removed.
Got some good shots of the surrounding country side. Well the views looked good, hopefully the camera has captured it well.
I'll try to get up to date with loading some more pics on the web site.

Hopefully you may be able to recognise some of the pictures from scenes in the films.

Friday, 08 June 2007

Location: Rotorua - North Island, New Zealand

Drove down to Rotorua yeaterday. Took all day but got here eventually.
Got up late today then went to the local tourist info place and aranged a few trips for my stay here.
Went to visit the Kiwi Encounter this afternoon. They breed Kiwi's there to help increase the numbers as some varieties are nearly exstinct.
Not a lot of photo oportunities, but i did see a couple of Kiwi's.

Wednesday, 06 June 2007

Location: Pahia - North Island, New Zealand

Got up early again today to get on a boat trip of the Bay of Islands.
We visited a few of the islands and did the post run for them.
Then headed for Cape Bret and the hole in the rock. All will make sence when I get the pictures sorted.
Stopped off at Otehei Bay on Urupukapuka Island for lunch.
Another day another beach.
Headed back to Paihia via Russel.
Got off the boat at Russel and had a look aroung. Visited Pompallier, a museum that shows the workings of a leather tannin & book binding business that were there many years ago. It was run by a French Catholic Preist.
The Guide was great, gave us demonstrations of all the equipment they had and gave us some more histry, not just that related to the place we where at. There were 5 people there, and I think what would normaly take 45 - 60 min tour ended up about 2 hours.
The gardens there were good too.

Tuesday, 05 June 2007

Location: Paihia - North Island, New Zealand

Had to get up early today :-(
Got picked up at 7:15 for a trip to Cape Reinga at the almost most northern part of the North Island.
We wer e driven along some realy nice mountain roads to get there, but it was worth it in the end.
* First stop was for a short walk and a brief talk about Kauri trees and their uses.
* Next stop for Coffee and to pick up lunch.
* Cape Reinga, the northern most accessible part of the north island. There is a light house, some tourists and a few birds. We left civilisation a long way back.
* Stopped for diner at a nice littl beach. When I can find out how to spell the name of the place I will.
* Next stop, some rather large sand dunes, for sand boarding kiwi style. We used boogie boards and layed on them, rather than standing. It was great fun and every one on the bus had a go. Only one though, as the climb to the top hurt. And it was only a short stop.
* Then we drove along 90 mile beach, looked for wild horses, no luck.
* Next stop, Ancient Kauri Kingdom. a SHOP FULL OF THINGS MADE FROM THE WOOD OF THE KAURI TREE. Turn caps lock off.
I know the folks at home would have loved most of the stuff in there, but unfortunately I though $35,000 for a tree stump was a bit much. And the guitar for $36000 US was not coming home Nigel, sorry...
* Next stop, fish & chips at Mangonui fish shop. We had blue nose, it was very nice. But you only get little bits, not quite UK style, but it was very good.
* Final tour stop, a guy at the road side selling fress fruit. Not quite sure what some of the fruit was that we tried, but it was nice anyhow.

Monday, 04 June 2007

Location: Paihia, New Zealand

Drove up to Paihia today. Great drive through some lovely country side, but no where to stop for taking pics.
Checked into my hotel, then went of to Waitangi to visit the treaty grounds where the English and Mauri Sortem them selves out to make New Zealand the way it is today. This time there were places to take tome great pics. Coming soon to a screen near you.
Had a meal at the hotel, they bring you your choice of meat on a heated granite slab and you use it to cook your meat yourself.
I had lamb, it was lovely.

Saturday, 02 June 2007

Location: Aukland, New Zealand

Walked over to the Victoria street Market. Great place lots of good stuff. Walked past the Sky Tower but didn't go up. It was raining so I guessed the view would be pretty poor, I still have time to get there.
Visited the Maratime museum, lots of hand made boats, and a few modern ones too.
I ahd herd that the all blacks were paying but assumed it would be sold out, until I bought a top in one of the shops and the assistant asked me if I was going. I found out there were tickets still available so asked at the hotel about getting one. They rang an checked, then showed me how to get there, where to park for the game.
Got there, got my ticket, parked up for the match.
half way to the ground couldn't find the ticket.
Fortunately it had fell in the car so got that, went to the ground, got in and waiting 2 hours for the game to start.
Good game, the All Blacks beet France 42 - 11. Eventually got throught thr traffic and got back to the hotel.
Nice day.

Friday, 01 June 2007

Location: North Island - Aukland, New Zealand

Well, I arrived at 5:00 AM.
Picked up a car at the airport, then had to wait until 1:00 PM untill I could check into the hotel that was 20 mins away.

Went for a drive and visited a few beaches, Davenport, Kohimarama Beach.

Then I spotted a shpping centre on the map. So off I goes to St Hellier's shopping centre to buy some shoes/trainers that dont hurt.
It was like shopping in the village, not a shopping centre at all really. Did get some water and my Cadbury's fix. Although it tastes different here, still works though.

Then found Kelly Tarltons Antartic encounter and Underwater experieince. Cool place, they have recreatins of the base camp and living conditions of Scot etc for their travel adventures and a penguin colony.
Then there is an area with fish, sharks etc. They have a tunel you walk through with all the sharks etc swimming over you.

Then onto Mission Bay and food. Pumkin plus other stuff, lovely.

Eventually made it to the hotel. Showered, changed and into town to get trainers.

Laundrette, with no seats, can.t believe there was no seats, but I do have clean clothes so it's OK really.

It was very warm here today, excessively so. I thought it was supose to be winter.

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Today didn't exist, just to let you know cos it was a bit strange a 12 hour flight taking 2 days. Leaving on Wednesday and ariving on Friday.
I just wanted to say, as this will be the only place this day exists for me............

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Location: LA, USA

Airport day, Portland and Los Angeles.
I had a meal in the LA airport, and I was asked for ID when I asked for a beer. They have to check if you look under 26. Ths was not the first time in America so I decided I like it there as they all think I'm 25. Well, 3 of them do :-)

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Location: Poetland - Oregon, USA

Went to Washingt Park in Portland.
Visited toe Rose Test Garden as saw a few roses, and a few more roses. Then went to the Zoo and saw a few animals, but it was really hot so alot of them were hiding in the shade.
Then onto the foresrty center for a local history & world wood history. Got to see the Wizard of Oz there too.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Location: Oregon, USA

Drive out to Multnomah Falls (photo's to follow shorly) and a visit to Vista House.
We walked all the way to the top of the water fall, zig zagging up the small winding paths, but got there eventually, no pics there as the camera batter had ran out. But it looked very nice.

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From Ionut O
Hello again Beth,
I didn't resist and look at all the pictures, you look nice with that helmet in the cave to the center of the Earth.
And the jump from the plain is awsome !, same as all places you visit.
You made this trip as I dream to do, but you never know what future will bring, maybe some day I'll do same trip like yours. Beautiful places and views.
Bye for now, it's late (00:30) going to work tomorrow.
Response: Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Hope you get the chance to visit some of these places some day. Beth
From Ionut O
Hello Beth, from what I read until now you spend great time and do all 'crazy' things in your way. Keep it up !!!
I have finished my University, but still have 4 exam's for this autum + the License. At work is ok, I received some files to generate the test for the GenRad. Wish you best, and I hope to have time to look at all the pictures you have made. (already seen the ones from Brasov). Bye
From From Nip
So, it's the end of your travels for a while, what next, job hunting apart. Look forward to seeing you and hearing all about it, don't expect it to be summer here, it's not, really cold some days, have had to put the portable heater on a couple of nights. Thanks for the postcards, they are like buses, when two come at once. Have a safe journey back, see you soon, love from Nip xx
Response: Yes, travels are over, Ihave to bee all serious and grown again for a bit ;-) Had a practice run for the weather at home in Sydney. I rained every day there.
From mum
hi well we are all ok fedup with the rain,picks are great looks as if your haveing a quite time now,looking forward to seeing you,cats ok just got of my knee so not very happy,you take care and see you in a few days te time as gone realy quick love ps get some welleys
Response: I'm used to the rain, been getting soaked here too.
Should be back 10:00 AM ish so can join you for breakfast. See you soon.
From From Dad
H Beth, Well ,your on the last leg of your epic journey,hope you have a nice time in Australia, hope its not to hot for you out there.we are having a cool wet Sunday over here. The stock take we were doing was aborted halfway through (to many problems occuring) it will be rescheduled for a later date, with that happening I was able to go with your Mum to Catherine & Martins engagement do last night., but alas I will be working tonight.. Look forward to seeing you at the weekend.
Response: Good to see you did something more exciting on your weekend.
It's not very hot, it's actually quite cool/cold and raining nearly every day.
The afternoons have been bright & suuny though :-)
From Stacey A
All I can say is "WOW" what a brave woman you are!
From Lynne
Hi Beth,
Looks like you're having a great time. The Sky Diving pics are great - I just didn't know you had the bottle to do it. Clean pants anyone??
Response: I didn't think I could do it either. I still have no idea why I did, it's not like there was anyone to egg me on. But, you can't come to New Zealand and not do something a little more adventurous than usual! Or so I'm told.
From from Dad
Hi Beth, Just a quick one to say thanks for the card yesterday. Hope you had a good day with Stephen Chris & families yesterday. Next week the architect is coming to measure up for the extension. Bye for now.
Response: Wow, things are moving along. Glad you got yhr card etc, nearly forgot to tell anyone it was there. It was nice to Meet Stephen & Chris and all the kids.
From From Dad
Hi Beth, Well you are certainly full of surprises with pictures of you skydiving and abseiling !!!! whatever next one wonders. Here at home we are having wonderful weather! with very heavy rainfalls and thunder, a house in Loughborough got struck by lightening yesterday (Friday) causing damage to the roof and causing two small fires in the bedrooms. I was talking to Graham (Anstey) on the phone today, he said for you to look out for Baum lookalikes in N.Z. as two of your cousins (Tony & Graham) are now living out there, but he has no idea where they are residing. Mum and David have been looking at new cookers and digital flat screen T.V. Today is all sunshine and showers. Possibly out with Terry again tommorrow M.R exhibition at Garendon School. Hope your stay in and around Christchurch is just as enjoyable as it was in Aukland, at least in Christchurch some of the things may seem a little familiar remembering your previous visit. Hope you manage to find one or two Wilfords while you are there. WW11 weekend at the G.C.R today and Sunday, would have gone today but didnt fancy tramping around in the rain. Thats all for now t.t.f.n.
Response: It's all happening at home then and there may be a few new gadgets to use when I get home. Or rather a few new gadgets to teach you guys to use! I spoke to Nicki & Stephen & will be meeting up with Stephen, Chris & their families to day (Sunday). Shame you missed the WWII thing, but I'm sure you'll still get to see the planes flying over. See you soon
From nip
Just read your dad's letter, yes the race was super, haven't heard from Judith I expect she is a bit sick about her driver losing his place at the top, ha ha. You were brave skydiving, glad you didn't let them at home know beforehand they would have had a dickyfit. Look forward to some more pics. Thanks for the post card. Carry on trucking. Love from Nip x x x
Response: I thought it best not to tell until it was over. And some other stuff too. I'll get the diary updated and you'll see.
From BIG BRO!!
Hita Sis, everywhere looks great, and you sound like you're having a ball. About this CATNIP!! The cat went mad cos its like weed for cats.
It is supposed to have mild halluigenic. The romans used to smoke the stuff to chill out.luckily for you, its not illegal.
Erm..... can you get me some??
Only joking..... They sell it down the garden centre.
Take care and have fun.
Response: I put the cats stuff in extra bags so it wasn't too smelly, not that I could tell. Taking lots of care, I think I have all the screy stuff out of my system now.
From mum
Hi so your takeing care is diffrent to mine!!!glad your ok and enjoying your self.I went back to work to day,was glad to come home!was good to see the stundents again and I am sure I will get back in the swim again.did you realy do a skydive?look after your self X
Response: I took care t make sure I went with fully qualified & very experienced people. I have dvd evidence that I did it, but I'm sure I want people to see it. Its horroble. I was too scared to smile at the camera. Glad your back at work, at least you have the summer hloidays coming up soon.
From judith
Not sure if my mail got through but here's another one. When are you going to Australia? We've started end of year exams. I much prefer teaching normal classes. We have our end of year bbq on Friday but so far only 3 students have signed up for it.
Take care
Response: Hi Judith, I got your last mail, just haven't had chance to reply until today. I will be in Austrailia, June 22nd to 29th. I will be based in Sydney. After that I'm home and have to do that job hunting stuff :-(
From david
simon at work says do a parachute jump while your in NZ
Response: I think we an tick that one off.
From Aunt Judith
Your dad has sent me your travel page. Haven't time to read it now, but will get to it later or tonight. The instructions said one hour but it took me about 9 hours to get my new computer table together!!! Hope you're enjoying your trip, and I hope you don't get caught in the floods in Australia. See you in August.
Response: HI, hope you have a glass ow wine and some munchies to hand when you start reading. Not that its well written and very exiting, there's just a lot of it. and it's growing. Some activities here have been cancelled due to floods too, fortunately not mine.
From from dad
Hi Beth, Sorry to hear you have had bad weather today,but your alternative destination sounded like an interesting place to visit. Have just been watching the F1 from Canada, what a cracking race, I will not go into detail just in case you have not had chance to watch it yet. The cat knew there was something ih the parcel, he was lying on his side giving the box what for with all four paws,just like when he has one of those catnip scented mice, nice selection of goodies inside it when opened. Just out of curiosity have you made any contact with the rellies in the Christchurch area yet, or are you going to try when you move over to there.had Chris & Nicky round last night having a go on the WII, quite hilarious at times, i think a good time was had by all. Your mum has been finnishing of some of her cards today, they look very good, she has also ordered some more kits of various types. thats all for now, catch you later.
Response: The alternative was a Skydive, didn'e want to say what until I'd been.
Done it today though and all is well, especially now I have my feet back on the ground. Saw the race eventually, very eventful.
Got Niki's phone number so should be in touch n the next day or so.
From Daivd
NO !
Only Mintu will DO!
Response: OK, I'll see what I can do.
From nigel, claire, lucy
Hi Beth, Thank you so much for the pressies.
Kids love the t shirts, Lucy is taking hers to scarborough (well done for choosing something she will wear).
Really pleased with the shot glasses, they will set off the bar atreat.
Niall cant make up his mind about the sweets , he cant believe they can taste so horrible .He still goes back for more though.
Response: You wouldn't think they could get chocolate so wrong, and as for the cinnamon sweets. I didn't think any one there would eat them. Not to worry.
Glad you liked the pressies. Wasn't sure what to go for, there was so much there.
From David

dont forget to keep your eye out for a bottle of MINTU !
pepermint schnaps(or however its dpelt !) no imposters will do!
Response: Don't worry, it's top of the list, but just in case, would kiwi scnapps do???
From David/Mother
PRESSIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lo sis, your first parcel of pressies had arrived. i asume many more will follow :O)

thanks for everything, Dragon T-Shirt = UBER ! erm the jolly rancher cinnamon fire ... need more go back via NY again and buy more!!!!!!!!!!

mum says hi but cant be arsed to type owt yet.

And 1 more thought before you send catni in a box and leave it at the botom of the the box...

imagine if you will, your little grey haired mother comming home home to find you father fighting with the cat detroying the box to get at the catnip ! the cat was emptyig the box before they had a chance O.o

mum says thanx as well for the lovely dangleys (ooer)
take care and all that bollix
Response: Were the cat & dad fighting over the box, or was the cat being teased a little? As long as everyone enjoyed their pressies. hope you left me at least 1 sweet.
From claire
Hi Beth, just been reading your latest adventures and i cant believe how brave you are . well done!
Not sure where you are at the moment, but guess your having fun.
Take care
Response: Just thought I'd better try a few new things, scary or not. It's all good fun afterwards.
From from dad.
Hi Beth, Looks as though you are having a great time, it certainly looks like a good place to be, keep the plcs coming. The last two days have been gorgeous ,plenty of sunshine. finally got all the plants potted up with Claires help. Off to Quorn station tomorrow with Terry (Railwayana sales on the platforms ), same happening at Loughborough, we will probably take a ride up there on the train at some point in the day. Hope you dont have anymore problems with blisters .
Response: Glad you got the nice weather at last. No more blisters, I have new footware that works better.
From claire
Hi, We are lovin the post cards , had 3 so far . Everything and everywhere looks great.
Niall insists you have been to a FANCY DISCO , i keep telling him its san francisco, but he wont have it.
Anyway keep safe and enjoy every minute.

Response: Hi, glad the post cards are geting there OK. No fancy disco's just airports. And Aukland is all hills, at least the bit I'm in anyway.
From Gary
Hi Beth
Looks like you are having a great time and taking in all the sites.Nice to see Mr Murray looking well, it must be killing him doing all this walking! Look after yourself and keep having a great time. See you when you get back. Gary
HI, I think I'm the only one suffering from all the walking, but at least I'll be fit when I get back.
From Toni
Hi...Sharon gave your bro a slap around the ear for you....any thing more extreme just rquest Tony
Response: Cool, need to keep him under control. Cheers