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Sommers Home But Dreaming of The Next Destination

Take#7 Hong Kong King Kong ~ 12-23rd Nov....not looking forward to excess baggage charges.

Take#6 Hillsong Sydney 2006!!! 3-7th galore eh?

Take#5 Sommers off to Melbourne for work this time...ah can't remember the dates hey.

Take#4 The Time Sommer goes to Sydney for work...oh yay oh joy. (Actually I love a good flight). May 4-8th 2006

Take#3 The Time Sommer goes back to New Zealand... for Jeremy and Renita's Wedding
Dates are:29th December to Wellington - fly to Christchurch 6th January - fly home 10th January 2006

Take #2 The Time Sommer has the bright idea of going to New Zealand to visit Shannon in Winter. August 6th - 16th 2005

......In case you haven't figured it out, I've named all the pics from my Thailand trip with the prefix "Thai" (yeah I knew you would have never caught onto that one) and all posts done before July 2005 are from the Thailand for those "not as smart as the others", if you start reading about crazy taxi rides and fake DVD's....Sommer's not in New Zealand anymore.

Take #1 - The Time Sommer goes to Thailand with Jemima Jan 15-Feb 6th 2005

Love Sommer

Diary Entries

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Location: Hong Kong

Been in Hong Kong for a week now….it feels so much longer than that, yet it doesn’t.
Its hard to explain. Honestly, if your wanting a nice relaxing holiday then this is NOT the place to come! Don’t get me wrong, its an awesome place but there is no concept of space and quiet around here unless your in your own hotel room. Everywhere you go there are people (and all speaking Chinese at that so you can’t even understand the noise!)

So anyway I have tried to catch up and put it all down in order by day.....hopefully it makes sense!


Row me a row boat to China ~

Or catch a train…either one will get there.

So Sunday we caught the train to China (yes, even our handy dandy octopus card takes us to China for a mere HK$36.50….AU$7) Oh me oh my! The train was the easy part compared to the amount of forms to fill out between the borders and customs of Hong Kong and China. I know its another country but I wasn’t expecting it to be like the airport…but it was!!
Someone told us that we could get passports at the border, so we didn’t bother to pre-arrange visa’s…and just our luck it seems so didn’t another 15,000 people. Ok so maybe more like 80 people but we literally waited in line in this little dingy office up a set of stairs for over an hour. There was a little sign there saying “Due to computer upgrades, our staff are still getting to know the system – please be patient. Signed this day 15th November 2006” Three days ago…just our luck!
So after about two hours in the train station/Hong Kong/China Border Office we finally made it out into the sunshine. Ok let me rephrase that.

We stepped out into a very overcast, humid, smoggy area with a kind of repressed feel. Its hard to explain but even though there were people everywhere in this courtyard style plaza it was still very “quiet” and just had a suppressed feel. I don’t know if my head was just playing tricks or if it really is a sign of a communist country…I don’t know.

But anyway we had not even walked about 5 metres before someone was tugging on our sleeve asking us to come visit their shop in this massive shopping centre of fakes which is right by the station. Before we even got inside we had about 4 different people try to stop us and ask us to come to their shop inside to buy all matter of things.

The plaza is madness with nearly every shop selling exactly the same thing as the shop two stores down, and when you ask to look at a particular bag or watch or anything they disappear and come back about 5 minutes later with it. I swear they must just run out to a massive wharehouse that they all get the same stuff from.
Bartering here is a whole lot of fun and the price that they first give you can usually be cut in half and reduced even further. Best bet is just to give the price your willing to pay (which of course they will refuse) and then start to walk away. Most times they will stop you with a higher price and then if you still refuse they will bring it down again.

After we had sufficiently spent enough money ( I don’t think I took enough!) we headed home…along with half the population of Hong Kong. Guess a bit of shopping in China is a Sunday outing to them!

So yeah….thats about it for now, its now Monday and we are just taking it pretty easy indeed.

Hope your all well and miss you heaps everyone!

Loves x x


Saturday, 18 November 2006

Location: Hong Kong


Millions in Mongkok ~

On Saturday we headed to Mongkok cause I had heard that it was pretty good for shopping. When we got there though it was PACKED. I thought I had seen busy – but this really was BUSY. The whole of Hong Kong was there I’m sure of it! Dodging people we somehow managed to get ourselves caught up in the middle of a bank opening, complete with balloons and dancing dragons and lions and banging drums (nothing is ever complete around here without a grand opening and banging drums and cymbals).
Later that day someone told us that Mongkok gets especially busy on the weekend as all the families are out to shop as well as it being lovers central. Because Hong Kong is such a densely populated area, many people can share one apartment or still live at home and it can be hard to get any space, so hotel rooms can be rented by the hour in Mongkok (and no… its not just for “ladies of the night!”)

After Mongkok, we headed back to Nathan Rd to pick up our suit then grabbed a few DVD’s and headed home for some well needed rest.

Friday, 17 November 2006

Location: Hong Kong


And on the third day ~

We spoke to people from lands as far as Mauritius & Colombia. Crazy the people you meet! Also, I had heard it but I didn’t believe it until I got here ~ Hong Kong is officially business card obsessed. EVERYONE wants your business card and I’m sure even the toilet janitor would have asked for my business card if I had stood still long enough. I can only imagine the amount of emails I am going to have in my work account once I get home…..
Friday was pretty much the same in regards to speaking to people but in the afternoon the whole place went fish feeding crazy all over again as people were trying to sell of their “sample” products to get rid of product for freight reasons. Would have been a good opportunity to pick up on a whole heap of stuff but a) I wasn’t aware of it till late in the afternoon and b) I didn’t’ exactly need the excess weight myself either!

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Location: Hong Kong


A whole new world ~

Thursday was a little quieter as most of the visitors were there for the entire three days and were working their way up through the building, so I was able to get a few chances throughout the day to checkout what else is going on in the world, to say the least. So many great products and even in the Australian companies there were products I had never seen in stores back home. Of course I had a whole lot of fun up in the cosmetics & perfume pavilion and even found a company from Spain that produced a perfume that I loved but their distributor from Australia fell through so it has not been available in a while….so he gave me a couple of bottles! Yay!

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Location: Hong Kong


Fish feeding frenzy ~

Caught the complimentary shuttle to the exhibition centre early and awaited the torrents of people. And arrive they did…..honestly everyone went kinda crazy on the first day running around getting info. We were able to speak to so many people throughout the day and meet with buyers and distributors from many different countries. Some people were clearly just there to pick up on freebies but you could spot those people and I usually just gave them a brochure and sent them on their way. If they couldn’t get a freebie off you though..they would merely resort to pinching things themselves on the sly. Nice huh? I saw a couple of people doing that to other companies when they weren’t looking. Made me pretty mad I can tell you that! Grrrr…

Anyway aside from sneaky people, most people were great and it was strangely amusing when you had buyers who couldn’t even speak English interested in your products. Luckily I had our labels translated to Chinese before we left so they were able to read that but for other languages we were able to grab the Austrade reps and have them come help with translation. Having a conversation with a distributor and a translator is insane, especially when there are a couple of people. There were many times when I would be standing there and the visitor and the translator would be having a conversation for 5 minutes, turn to you and ask you one question and then return to their conversation for another 5 minutes. Thankfully we have already been able to get to know the Austrade people over the last 4 years of exporting so a few of them already know our products and company.

That night Austrade hosted a cocktail reception which was great to take time to talk to other Australian companies but after civilities a few of the Austrade people were going out to the Ladies markets in Mongkok so Shen dragged me along as well. Most of them could all speak Chinese so they were bartering away but Midori (yes that really is her name) were trying so hard not to fall asleep on our feet cause were soo tired!

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Location: Hong Kong


We set up, meet and greet ~

Tuesday we were officially “working” and headed off to the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre. Again another massive building of humoungous dimensions. It was only set up day so there were people with boxes everywhere and a million security guards checking ID tags. Even to get our registration tags and info we had to wait in a massive que. While most of the trade shows I have been to in Australia usually only take up one hall at max, Cosmoprof in conjunction with Natural Health takes up the ENTIRE centre with entire halls just dedicated to packaging and manufacturing alone! Over 3 days they have an expected attendance of 40,000 people…crazy.

After we set up we caught the train back to Nathan Rd for a suit fitting and I also got my nails done but had to come back later that evening for a briefing with the Austrade commission (it sounds official but it was more of an info evening with a meet and greet with all the Austrade people from Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan and a couple of China provinces). They did an amazing job coordinating the entire Australian contingent of the show and there were over 75 companies represented, which was the largest they have had so far.

Monday, 13 November 2006

Location: Hong Kong


We arrived ~

As mentioned above, we arrived in Hong Kong Sunday evening at around 8pmish. We were pretty starving though so about an hour later we ventured out down the street. Back home, things would be winding up around 9ish but one of the many things I love about asian countries is that shops are still open late (although here in Hong Kong most of them start closing around 10pm unless they are markets which may stay open till midnight). But even at 9pm there are still people everywhere eating meals from restaurants with dried squid and glazed ducks hanging in the window (yes, yes truly appetizing!), and a million and one shops selling camera’s and phones. They really do love their electronics here. Actually just love SHOPPING in general. Apparently for the residents of Hong Kong, there really isn’t a whole lot to do in this little mini country other than shop. Besides tram rides up to the peak and boat rides on the harbour to see the lights which are touristy things there’s not a lot else to do other than spend money (and think about it ~ when was the last time you did the “tourist” things that your city has to offer??)

So yes, Sunday night we wandered out and being the brave souls that we were…..opted for KFC. Bad move though, it was not that appetizing but its highly amusing too see that you can buy a cup of steamed corn from KFC or a bowl of mushroom soup and when I ordered “lemonade” I got a bottle of iced lemon and jasmine tea ~ however at this stage I really wasn’t about to debate my English skills so I drank it.


We played tourist ~

And hit Nathan Rd in Tsim Tsai Shui, Kowloon which is on the mainland. We are staying across from Happy Valley Racecourse which is on the island and while a few people told us there was nothing to do on the island…there are still shops everywhere.

Also, its really not that hard to get around anyway. Taxi’s are relatively cheap (a flagfall of HK$15 and then I think its $1.40 for every 4kms after that….so an average taxi rides costs about $4-6) even better than the taxi’s though are the trains. My gosh these things are AMAZING!! No joke, the longest we have ever waited for a train is 3mins. According to some handy dandy brochure I read somewhere…the trains are designed to run every 4-6 minutes all day and for connecting trains you literally walk off one train and across the platform to catch the train the other way when you need to swap between the mainland and the island. The trains are fairly clean and everyone lives in their own little world with many people just staring straight ahead with no eye contact or just listening to their mp3 players.

Oh and another thing ~ I don’t know if it’s the people or just what the tv plays but they are OBSESSED with “The Amazing Race Asia”….its played twice a day so that no one misses it!

Anyway….back to Monday and Nathan Rd
Nathan Rd is pretty much tourist highway and runs through a couple of different “suburbs”. Along with many stores there are also many people just standing on the pavement ready to sidle up to you and ask “excuse me, quality fake watches, handbags??” or usually indian men trying to guide you to their tailor shop.

We were looking to get suits made so we did have a look at a few tailors but got sick of the ridiculous prices and nonsense chat. Honestly the average conversation went like this:

“Excuse me you buy suit”
“Uh no I’m fine”
“No, you come look at my store”
“ No really”
“Many many quality, you come look”
“Oh fine”
“Where you from?”
“Ah Australia…we have many many customers from Australia”
“Really. (sure you do)”
“Where in Australia you from?”
“Ah Queensland…we have many many customers from Queensland”
“Reallly…(sure you do)”
“Here, you look at styles – which material you like”
“What is your price?”
“Many different price – which material you like”
“This one – what is the price for this one”
“Ah this one – it is expense”
“What is the price?”
“For you ~ special price $3000”
“No, no…$1700”
“$1700, how can I run a shop with that? $2500”
“No its fine thank you – we go now”
“Ok ok, my last price for you $2200”

And so on until we managed to get out of the shop………..

To avoid half of the above conversation we just started saying we were from remote countries they had never heard of …which eliminated half of the above conversation. I guess not many people have customers from Kazachjistan…..

In the end we just went for a walk and found one that didn’t have some guy trying to drag us into the store. Later we were reading this massive manual put out by the government of stores that carry the “Quality and standards” label ( I think its like the equivalent of our made in Australia or something like that) which just verifies that it is a decent shop with standard pricing and his tailor shop was in there. The main difference we found was that he told us the price straight up and was not pushy at all. A nice relief to say the least.

So that’s about what I can remember of Monday

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From Ur Fav Besty That Sh
I have spent the last 3 days sunbaking trying to get rid of the envious shade of green I have turned since you called me from the airport. The next overseas experience needs to be together! Ooooh imagine the fun skipping thru streets of fairy lights! Sweet Cupin Cakes! The Joy, The Rapture! So it's official, no more jet setting without me :p *kiss kiss*
Response: Ok ok, but you have to save a tonne of money....cause i wanna travel the whole wide world!!!! *sighness* but yeah you would be loving hte fairy lights and cupin cakes here :) kisses back.
From Renita
Som som, i can't believe you have this thing... this is so cool

anyway... what other trip should we have? hmmm, i dont mind japan.
what? japan... i say... yes... japan.... muahahaha
getting mrs marshy zorro famous.
*yes perfect plan/.....
Response: Lol Japan, Europe, Indo, USA...lets just take over the world eh??

Fo shizzle ;)
From Sommer
We have the same name ^^
Response: Very very cool:) Never met another Sommer spelt the same way!
From Natalie
Hi Sommer, hope you have an awesome time in NZ. Thanks for letting me know about this great planetranger site. I'm in Finland at the moment for 8 months. And this site has been a great contact to the outside world. I hope you visit.
All the best,
from Natalie
Response: Hi Natalie!
Your in Finland?? Thats awesome:) Hope your enjoying yourself and I look forward to reading your site(seriously, aren't these things the best?!)
From Dave "random" James
Hey there, nice site. This was quite random by I somehow came across your site (weird cause I live in high exciting Grafton and you just in Lismore!!). I like it. Looks funky over there.
Hope the monkeys didnt share their blood type with you.... Thats all from random guy. HooRoo :D
Response: Thanks, I (Sommer) actually lived near Maclean for a few years...which is almost as exciting as Grafton. Definately recommend Thailand if your ever looking for somewhere exciting to go for a opposed to say Iluka;)
Thanks again for your message.
From Dad Hoile
Well my chickadees... that was quick!
I'll be there at the airport to cart home the two exhausted explorers and their tonnes of treasures. Check ya back in sunny Oz tammurra, mates.
From Bailamos
After reading about Fraggles and Dorothy I was a bit miffed that there wasn’t a Bee Gees reference. While the logical mind may see no connection between the three, the illogical mind will realize that they all have great hairstyles. I had dreamed up this elaborate scenario where you made the elephants pose in a “YMCA” configuration. Alas, this hasn’t happened yet but there is always hope. I would be happy if your “Thaitastic” suits resembled Elvis leisure suits circa 1973. Not so much for the “bling-bling” factor but, I am more interested in seeing Sommer’s Elvis impersonation. There are not many things worse then “seedy dark squat” toilets, the only exception being if the Lady-Boys were in Bangkok and not Chang Mai.

Your Friend,
Enrique "Johnny" Iglesias

(PS.. I hope you both are enjoying your trip and trust you aren’t drinking the water)
Response: Lol, the elephant configuration could work...if only the elephants weren't so adverse to direction and as for the lady-boys....they seem to be everywhere and get jobs serving at all the local food places so one can hardly avoid them or there little giggles .
Also will avoid water, even though this is like our last day!
From Margary Stewart-Baxt
Dont forget to check your bodyboard bag before you reach customs
Response: Don't worry, we will be checking everything 15 million times over!!! Not particulary up for a sing-a-long karaoke in a Thai Prision. Thanks for the concern though:)
From Vala
OMG I love your photos! It makes me wanna drop out of school and start saving up for a trip myself!! And BTW Mima you look gorgeouse!!
kiss from your ( white as paper) Icelandic sista
From Shanny
hey mimies!!
heres another one of those neighbours updates u asked u know how i told u they reckon Gus was killed before being burnt in the fire well the cops are after Boyd for it because he has lied about his allabye (however u spell it) first sayin he was at a mates place then later got skye to say he was with her but really he was out looking for Gus but didnt find him so now lastnights show finished with the cops searching Boyds house. Oh and the hussey Izzy is flirting with the one and the only Paul Robinson. However she is doing something else that is soooo stupid but funny also she has decided to sing a song with Dr Karl to raise money for the community but she sounds sooooooo bad but of course she thinks she is wonderful! hhmmm what else...there was a new shazza chick dating stingray for a while but she ditched him but he wanted to ditch her anyway (neighbours is abit trivial at the momment) oh and the annoying David Bishop is running the council elections and Paul Robinson is his campaign manager, basically telling him what to do!thats all from memory what has been happening so u havent really missed all that much.
Guess what starts back on tuesday night???? the O.C!!!
Ive been watching Secret life of us the new episodes and they are so not as good as the re runs that were on! no fair!
anyways mimies it sounds like ur having an absolute blast and by looking at the photos of the shopping centres im thinking i might just have to make a little trip to thailand, i luv my bargain shopping as u have noticed paying me out for having a new shirt on almost everytime u see me... i wont be telling u that i brought three tops from jeans west the other day for ten bucks each then haha
ooppssss i think this might be a little too long, oh well take care and ill see u sooonnnn
luv shan xxx
Response: ahhh shanny, what would i ever do without you..?! Luckily I will be home in time for the next episode so will be able to tune back into to all the excitement then. Yay? I really do think you need to save your shopping pennies (which I know is hard for you!) and spend it all over here, cause really $10 \ top is kind of expensive in Thailand Shopping World...
Look forward to seeing you soon! xoxo
From Sue
Your trip looks fab girls I'm soooo jealous. It's a year since we were there but your photos bring it all back like yesterday. Can't wait to hear all your babble Somm. Miss ya heaps. xx Sue
Response: Lol, its soo much fun and yes, we have heard "you buy madam, hello madam, good price for you" a million times and also I have a billion photos which I will have to show you all on slide show when I get back to work..uh but I don't mean in "work-time" of course;)
From Melissa (Burkey)
hey guys hope you're having an awesome time and that it's not raining like it is there. Not all too much happening in this part of the world at the moment, but that's to be expected. Anyway just wanted to say a quick hello, and I'll talk to you again soon. Adios
From Shannon
So I thought with all these wonderful people leaving you notes I should probably say something ;)No seriously Sommer, you need to come back now. lol. I miss you! hee hee hee, and I completely should be there! Stupid money. Hmmm, now I feel like I really miss you, so I'm gonna go write you an email :) But remember to buy that ipod for me! And I want more pictures! By the way, I love the big Thai boys, I hope your giving them a try and remember that rejection line doens't work overseas :p
Haha..hmm perhaps the rejection line will work if you add the australian area code? As for the ipod, well you can transfer money and my account details are..... ;) If I had a lot of a rich mans world. Be home soon anyway and you can tell me how much you wanted an ipod in person anyway!
From Nanna
Hi, Sommer
Talking to your mum this morning,she mentioned about your site. Lynne has printed all your travel info. Read the 8 pages later
Keep having fun
Luv Nanna xoxo
Response: 8 pages!! wow...even i didn't realise it was that this rate we should print it for distribution. Thanks for your message Nanna.
Sommer xoxo
From Matthew
Wow, I read all of it and the thing that caught my eye most was "Indian curry".

Chinese food just doesn't cut it these days.
Response: Lol if I were here long enough I guess I would get over the thai food but for now its great! Had penang curry the other day...yum. Oh and the prawns are good here too...and not 15 ringget either ;)
From Emma
Hey Mima
It sounds like your having an awesome time, im so jelous. You even got to ride elephants. Not much happening here except i finally got a job. But dont get too excited just yet cause its in a factory. It horrible theres like a bell for everything - to start, for lunch, to go home. Its like being in jail or even back at school. I find myself thinking sometimes oh god i wish the bell would ring for lunch already. You must be wondering what do i do in this factory of mine. Well its the most exciting bit of all its......... putting leather straps around cowboy hats yes its really is as exciting as it sounds. N e ways i better go cause this could take up a bit of room. Will write again soon, luv em xx
Response: Could be worse...We saw a darling old Thai lady making straw hats for 15 bart each (approx 45c) and it takes her an hour or more to plait the twine, sew it together and complete all the finishing touches.... all while she sits on a uncomfortable wood floor. So when you think something is crap, there is usually something much more crap. Anyway, congrats on the new job.
From ~ violet ~
hi sommy
i wish i was there with u.
have u done some good bartering?
if u have i know were u got it from! :p
did u have fun riding the elephants????
u probably know this through the many emails that i sent u:
I MISS U!!!!
i have been trying to write u a message for ages but every time i go to do it someone NEEDS!
the computer.
from your little sis xoxoxo

Response: Done lots of good bartering and found heaps of cute stuff that I know you would love. The elephants were really cool, and I can't get Nelly The Elephant out of my head. Miss you too. Sommer xoxo
From Mum Hoile
We are at Nana's- Dave and Jared are up for a few days. We have just read your recount of the homestay. It sounds really awful. You didn't say what happened after you got thrown out of the house- what did you do and where did you go? Does this family just get their money and then throw people out? I am certainly glad that you are out of that situation. Do you have to stay with any other families or is it all tour accomodation now.
Nana says she is glad that she has been keeping you in her prayers.
Love to you both and take good care.
Response: Woah.. stop stressing. We just walked the streets for a few hours then went back to the meeting place for our walk to the water fall VERY early. In fact we were very early to every meeting... which was a first for us on this tour!!
All the other families were lovely... just not ours. I think she was just in it for the money. Ah well... the emotional scars will heal with some retail therapy back in the city. Only hotel accom from now on.
Say hi to all the family and don't forget to get them to fill in my book if you have the chance. Luv ya. P.S. I sent you an email describing an experience that will NOT make it onto the web page with pictures to support!!
From Mum, Mom or Kerry
Hi, I was actually reading your site as you were posting the photos in some internet cafe up in Thialand. How cool is that! Love that market scene. Do you reckon it's organic?? Violet has really gone to town organizing the bedroom in your absence....much lovexx
Response: Lol, hmm yes I did wonder that too but didn't actually manage to stop and ask. I would think they are. I can imagine Violet is rather enjoying herself. Hopefully she makes a manual so I can find everything!
Sommer xoxo
From Tony
Hi Travellers,
Good to here that you are having a cultural experience and making new friends.
I suppose the cost of a load of washing would be an issue when your saving every Baht for bargaining at the bazaar! and if u smell that bad as a result of denying your clothes, the shop owners may GIVE you their wares just to see the smell move a little further down (wind) the street.
Tony Atkinson. xo.
Response: Hi Dad,
Yes we did quibble at the price of a load of washing like yesterday but suprisingly after one night at a homestay I think I would pay a million dollars for a load of washing!! Ah least its' someone else doing my washing for me;) he he he. Hope the office is running along just grandly without me and the manual is helping in someway! You would love it here i'm sure. When you get a break you'll have to chill in Thailand with the locals as you always seem to do!
Sommer xoxo
From Sarey
Hi Mimes,
Just completed the mammoth task of reading all your notes! I feel like I should be writing an essay on it or something. Ben is stoked though as something has finally instilled the travelling itch in me, and we leave in just over 3 months! Keep having a great time.
Mum, Dad, Nana Kimo & I send all our love xoxoxoxox
From The Frys
Gday Mima
Great to hear your news and that you are having fun (GO the giggles and noise, down with grouchy 70,000+ year olds) but I agree with Ian - love the website but the photos bring it all alive!

Love Christie

PS Rob couldn't wait for more news so logged on at our place and now you're on our favourites list!
From Shanny
Hey mimiesssss!!
Guess what? I saw an ad on tv this morning for secret life of us! the new series is back on thursday night at 10:30..very coool!! considering i thought it got the axe! Anyways todays neighbours recap.....Steph lost her baby!!! Izzy just denied the baby was Gus's when Karl asked her. The Shazza chicki thats getting it on with stingray is a hussey and being mean to sarena and Boyd got his VCE ( like HSC) results and only got 54 and he is the next to be questioned over killing Gus and has got Sky to say he was with her when he was out looking for Gus instead. They reckon that Gus had started the fire and someone caught him in the act and hit him over the head, so thats all that happened lastnight, isnt neighbours wonderful hehehe. I watched the OC special lastnight it was very good mimies!! the sneak peaks for next season looked great! Watching it lastnight just confirm that i agree with Becca Sandy "the Dad" is the hotest guy in the show!

seeeyyyaaa mimies!!!

Luv Shan xxx

Response: Thanks Shanny, yoiu're a total darl... what would I do without you?!!
From Justine
Hey Darling Girls,

Sommer you have left the coast?? I was going to get you the details of my trip to Thailand!! Ohh well by the looks of if you both are having a fantastic time. Love the site and yes very green thinking about you having fun!! We are in the process of packing up a large 4 bedroom house to move!!-Not my idea of fun!!
Have I said I love the pics and I am a bit green???it is just fantastic to see you having fun in such a great country.
Be Safe and and have fun.
Be blessed
XXX Justine
Hey Jussie,
Did I mention green is such a lovely colour on you? I think it matches your eyes:p
Definately have to catch up when i get back (I know we say that ALL the time but this time for sure!) and I can show you all ten billion pics!
Have fun with your moving!! *cough cough as I enjoy myself doing nothing in particular in Chang Mai*
From Ian
Hiya Mima,

You might have taken 10000 photos but that's not as many as the number of viruses that your old folks have on their PC.

They've brought it around to my place and now that we've cleaned from it every virus known to mankind it seems to be working a bit better.

Obviously you're having a fabulous time to I won't ask you if you are.

Love your web site. Take more photos!
Response: Ha ha, glad that someone could finally work that out for them!