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Brett, Byron, Daniel, Dax and Tim's South America

Hi and welcome to our South American adventure page, please feel free to add your comments, read our diary entries and view our pictures as they are uploaded.
Our trip will see us travel from Sydney on the 26th Nov 2006 via New Zealand (for a bit more fuel) across to Buenos Aires, where a 7 hour rest will let us check out the city, before flying back across to Lima. From Lima we travel via Pisco and Nazca up to Cusco and do the Inca Trail (ruins of Machu Picchu). Then we head off to Bolivia to see Lake Titicaca and La Paz. From here we head south and join a tour through the driest desert in the world - the Atacama Desert. We head into Santiago de Chile for a well earned rehydration before reaching Perto Montt where we plan to catch a 4 day boat cruise down to Punta Arenas (Southern Most city in the World). Depending on time a stop in Ushuaia/Cape Horn area, before travelling 700miles north to Comodoro Rivadavia where we catch a plane further up to Buenos Aires, 4 days shopping and relaxing will see us at the end of our 45 day adventure, from which point we fly out of B.A. 10 Jan 2007 ariving in the wee hours of Wednesday the 12 Jan back in Australia.

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Location: Tasmania, Launceston, Australia


Well, we are all well and truly back now from our great adventure in South America. It seems like so long ago already!

Daniel and Dax attempted to go to work on the Monday of our return and I went back to work on the Wednesday of our return. Byron and Brett have been enjoying the great weather we are having here (in other words doing not a lot), but I have still been joining them for sporting activities after work including cricket, football and beach volleyball, so maybe they are doing something.
Going back to work for the first couple of days was a great struggle, and adapting to the "normal" way of life again was also an interesting experience. Just coming to terms with how far we travelled and what a great experience it was, and then leaving the great adventure has taken all my energy to not think about, but I always seem to find myself there again, on a walking trail or in the crowded streets, in a hostel talking to other travellers or enjoying the nightlife of each city, as individual as the people in them. With such great times the mundane experience of everyday life is amplified, showing me how much this world has to offer, how much we miss out on if we don't get out there and experience it. We were all sad to leave S.A., but in other ways it was exciting to return to the people we left behind and the things that we missed most from home (KFC :P).
Just an update on the people here, Brett moving to Melbourne next Wednesday, which will be a sad day for the Tassie boys (Dax, Byron and I), but an exciting day for the Mainlander boys (Daniel and new one Brett). This weekend we are celebrating Australia Day with a BBQ and the traditional Hottest 100 countdown (The best 100 songs of 2006, on Triple J Radio), we might even have a game of cricket! Also a bit of a farewell to Brett, cerveza YEAH!

We are all back and safe, but we will still be checking the site for any messages and maybe tell you what we are up to. Please checkout the new photos, there will be more of them up soon when we get all our photos compiled. Till then have fun and enjoy.


Monday, 15 January 2007

Location: Home, Australia


Well, it's all over. Thanks to everyone who visited us and left messages. We'll still keep an eye on this site if anyone wants to drop us a line or ask any questions, etc...

We'll be upgrading the account too, so more photos will be going up, as well as some videos so keep an eye out for that. Not sure when it's going to happen, hopefully soon.

Anyway, had an amazing time and can't wait for the next one!



Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Back at our hostel awaiting the last hour and a half before we jump into a taxi for the airport. Last night the boys went hard at it again, i called it early with Brett who slept half the night with his guitar on top of him (he loves that thing!) before awaking at 5am again for a bit more aqua...not cerveza...i´m learning YES! stayed up with the boys for another half hour or so before hitting the hay again till 1pm, shopped from then till 8pm, but glad we did most of our shopping (brett and myself) in El Calafate as the stuff seems more personalised, so much clothing and matés here.
The city seems amazing and by no means did we even do the 2 main shopping streets justice, let alone another suburb. Cars drive normally but the buses seem to have a goal to double everyone else´s speed in the smallest of streets, needless to say you pay attention to the little green man.
Got my token piece of leather and argentine colours along with some local BA music jazz and tango, bit of easy going background music. As Brett said we got our coffee and cake dosage, but cake was too alcoholic and we missed that fine chocolate taste.
Weather is so hot here, slept with a massive fan going all night and just ontop of the bed with minimal on. Its hitting the mid 30´s but the humidity nearly kills you. Go for a shower and realise that you can´t actually dry yourself off!
Will be upgrading the website when we get home to enable for video uploading. Haven´t worried about this while we were away due to time constraints and internet speed restrictions with the file sizes, but stay tuned. I´ll also have more photo´s to upload as minimal dvd readers-players exist here, so from about Machu Picchu and on i´ll get stuck into some uploading of my pics!
Now i just need to get through the airport with all my bags!
ciao ciao

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Hola Amigos,

Now in BA sweltering from all the heat!! Our last night was a mix of great food, great company, and plenty of cerveza (for some too much). I have to say most of us didn´t get alot of sleep as we were all keen to hear everyone´s stories and enjoy the most of our last night by relaxing on the roof of our hostel.

Today Dax and I spent hours walking around the city shopping for various presents, sampling the coffee and cakes and dodging crazy bus drivers as they speed through the streets. The city itself is fantastic with so many older buildings with some great architecture you deffinately need a few weeks at least to check it all out.

Well it´s goodbye South America and hello Australia as in some ways it´s sadto say goodbye but it will be great to see everyone from aus again. Keep updated with the website as there will be more posts and pictures to come.


Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hola Amigos,

Well we are spending our last day in a variety of ways. Mostly recovering from last night while Dax and Brett are using their one day in BA to the max. A bit sad to be coming home but really looking forward to resting and having some of those things we missed. And seeing all you guys again of course!

Keep checking this page as we will probably put a post trip update on and some more photos. Thanks for all the messages guys, we will still be replying to them for a while at least.

Hasta Pronto.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hide ho, met up with all the guys and had a massive meat feed served by an equally massive feed, we made sure we paid with a tip so he didn´t give us another one of his handshakes, which instantly cracked your knuckles.
So warm here by comparison to down south, Brett and myself are suffering, needless to say we are having water tonight ... a bit soft i know, but don´t worry the guys are constantly reminding us.
Hopefully doing a bit of shopping tomorrow ie large duffel bag so i can actually get my ridiculous amount of pressies back home with all my other rubbish!
To all who visited our page, posted or kept up to date, thanks and hopefully you enjoyed following our adventures...hopefully making the flight back to Au isn´t an adventure!

Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Location: El Calafaté, Argentina

Hola to all back home and our baño boys further north! All packed and ready to head up to BA (will be getting in just after 7pm tonight guys) Looking forward too our carne tonight !!!!!!
We´ve been busy "shopping it up" with lots of goodies i´m sure customs will chuck a pink sock at! Had a great time between nature reserves of red grass and viewing platforms, full day glacier boat cruise´s and awesome weather especially at Perito Moreno. Anyway had one last night out in El Calafaté, finished dinner at 1 which is then a good time to start headding out, went out with another aussie, brett and me were tired and wanting bed at 3 so we went, woke to the other aussie coming 8:30am! Needless to say he´s missed checkout....over to Brett.

Hey everyone, well what can i say other than we have 2 days left to soak up as much of South America as possible.
Last few days have been very cruisy with some late nights, bird observing and boat cruises. One more thing glaciers are cool!! pardon the pun.
Anyway see you all soon


Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Tim has put some more photos up, check them out. Keep the messages coming as well, we do eventually respond to them!

Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Hello everyone,
As Byron mentioned we did in fact make it to Buenos Aires. City seems cool enough though we haven´t explored too much. Decided to go to Uruguay which I really liked as it was layed back and had a slightly european feel. Wish we had more time there but we still made the most of it. Tim and I crawled in to bed after 10am grabbed a few hours sleep and went and checked out the town again. Spent the night in a irish bar then a few local clubs picking up a few new friends along the way including some locals.

Two days left and we are trying our hardest to make the most of them. Looking forward to meeting up with the other guys again.

Hope everyone is well and we´ll see you soon!

For Brett and Dax:

Hostel we are staying at is

Hostel Clan
912 Adolfo Alsina

its on the corner of Alsina and Tacuari. If you just say Alsina and 912 to a taxi driver they should be able to find it. Its a great hostel and apparently better than the other main one here in BA which is Milhouse. Anyway, we will most likely be out exploring tomorrow so the best was to contact us is through this site or just stay at our hostel I guess!

Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Just quickly:

Got to Buenos Aires on the 5th and went out and had a blinder that night at the most amazing night club you'll ever go to in your life. Probably well over 2k people there with 3 separate dance-floors, including one outside that was a foam pit. Hurt the eyes a bit but the dancing topless girls eased that somewhat...

Myself, Daniel and Tim headed over to Uruguay yesterday and stayed in Montevideo the night. Pretty cruisy place on the ocean, very laid back and a somewhat thriving artisans community. Pretty cool.

To Dax and Brett:

We're staying at a hostel called 'Clan Hostel'. Can't give you the exact address but I'll let Daniel edit that in later. It's only a street over from 'Millhouse' which is in your Lonely Planet guide so it shouldn't be too difficult to find from there.

Anyway, short 'n' sweet, I'll let one of the other guys fill you all in on other details...

Have fun


Saturday, 06 January 2007

Location: El Calafaté, Argentina

OLA parra de l kalafaty! I’m working on my spanglish here in El Calafaté ... it’s progressing nicely, i´m starting to have trouble understanding me! Sitting in an internet cafe feeling rather FULL, went to an amazing bakery near our hostel and another amazing thing was how much we ate and how much sugar the food contained. Any exercise I’ve done this trip is rapidly getting undone.
El Calafaté is a great base for seeing the glacial NP´s around the region, saw Glacier Perito Moreno yesterday which is in the Santa Cruz region of Patagonia, Argentina. Watching pieces of ice half the size or more of a house crack and break away within 1-5 seconds and plummet into the lake (Lago) making bow waves big enough to surf on is pretty impressive. Its also interesting that when they surface only a very small piece becomes visible, thus the saying "tip of the ice-burg" is so true.
Well Brett and myself were going to do a boat cruise today but .... maybe we’ll just organise the cruise today! We don’t want to over exert ourselves. Apparently there is a place outside of town by 3km that is having a full moon party tonight, since neither of us have been to one before (or really know what it entails) we thought we’d check that out, the place was also recommended by Lonely Planet (Lonely Liar as some travelers have told us) as a great tango joint...I’m sure they need bar support/audience also, that’s where we’ll come in!
Yesterday we came back after Glacier Moreno and the bus trip left us very tired, so living upto the Latin American tradition we had a siesta...for 2-3hours and woke up at 7pm, Prime time to do some window shopping. On the way we got our photos burnt to DVD, of course none of the computers here have the facilities to view them so I can’t actually load any to the internet here. Anyway the guy at the counter had one of these little pot things with a tube coming out of it... I’d seen these before and thought they were a pipe or something. After he composed himself again he informed me that it is a tea drink, and kindly offered me some, figuring my germs were likely worse than his i accepted, tastes kind of like green tea. So our window shopping consisted of searching for one of these smoking-tea contraptions, problem being most of them are made of a cow hide or untreated wood, so getting them back to Au is likely to be an issue. The drinking part is separate though and is possible. Its quite interesting actually as instead of trying to keep the tea leaves out of your drink you throw them in and it acts like a mini pot and there is a strainer/sieve at the bottom of the straw like contraption stopping you drinking the leaves, quite a novel idea.
We, after viewing numerous local weapons for killing and maiming we (decided customs wouldn’t like those) headed for a place called El Living, same name as Perto Natales place however totally different, this was a very modern bar with "happy hour" only unlike Peru the time was pre-set (not set at when you entered). Since we wanted something light they managed to mix us up two of the strongest Long Island Ice Teas we’ve ever tasted. Definitely wanting something lighter after that we had some rusty nails, i don’t think I would have noticed if i stepped on one after drinking that...we decided we needed food, top shelf drinks are so cheap to purchase here (bottles of in supermarkets i mean) so they use excessive quantities in your drinks. Wandering/staggering along (and feeling slightly embarrassed after only 2 small drinks) we found one of the nicest places we’ve eaten at. Service was tops, food was tapas and very tasty. After we decided the chocolate pudding was order of the day, and it looked the part, we destroyed it!
Being Friday we checked out the local night life. Its handy eating late... we finished our dinner around 12pm, some people were still eating up to an hour later in various places. One thing we both miss about Au with the bars/pubs etc is the lack of smoking, quite unpleasant here being back in a smoky environment. Anyhow we had a quick boogie keeping the Tassie 2 step alive and well before returning to our humble abode satisfied everyone had laughed at our dancing.
Adiós amigos

Friday, 05 January 2007

Location: Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina


As Dan said, we are here in Comodoro Rivadavia. Oh Boy, this city is the bomb, no really, it is a bomb! We like it though! We will like it even better at about 3:30 this arvo when we catch the flight out of here to B.A!
It is a bit wierd thinking, this is the last internal flight we have to make in S.A, but we are all really excited because B.A is going to be crazy, from all that we have heard from other backpackers and from reading up on it! If you don`t hear from us for a few days don`t worry, It`s Party Time!! Pity about Dax and Brett though, one man loss is another mans gain, now they can keep the web site going! Only joking! We wish they could be in B.A with us for longer!
Well, not much more to say, the computer i`m on won`t accept my camera so will put more photo`s up when we get to B.A.

From Comodoro Rivadavia...


Friday, 05 January 2007

Location: Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina


Buenos dias amigos.

Tim, Byron and I are in the sunny sea-side port of Comodoro Rivadavia.

The bus ride was pretty uneventful. Left at 12 noon yesterday and got in this morning at around 5. Somehow Byron´s seat ended up being a full cama seat whereas ours were only semi. In short he got a better seat and we hated him for it!

Comodoro is not the most exciting town as its main industry is petroleum. It does boast a Petroleum Museum and also what is described as ´the ugliest cathedral you will ever see´. Just for the record, cathedral is the ugliest we have ever seen.

So it looks like we will be meeting Brett and Dax in BA on the 9th. Will hopefully be a massive night celebrating the completion of our trip.

Our flight is at 1530 so hopefully we will have time to check out the petroleum museum. Awesome. Fingers crossed for that one!

I think it is starting to set in for us all now that our trip is ending. A bit depressing really and I am starting to think more about work and all those little things I will have to do when I get home. We will just have to go as hard as possible in these last few days and make the most of it.

Hope you guys are all well. We´ll be back in a week!

Hasta Semana.

Thursday, 04 January 2007

Location: El Calafaté, Argentina


Hola Amigos and Happy New Year (even if it is 4 days late).

Dax and I have just arrived in El Calafaté after our 4 day hike through Torres del Paine National Park as we braved the extreme winds (60 - 100km gusts), day walkers (with lekie poles included), and bad camping grounds.
New Years eve was spent in a kitchen cabin cooking up our dinner (basic pasta with a nice mug of red) with a couple of celebrations depending on the time of peoples watches.
As for the rest of the trip the wind normally kept us on our toes and it was a normal race to get to the next campsite before darkness (noting the sun sets at about 9:50pm here). As for dax he had a bit of a soft moment where he managed to roll his ankle speeding down the hill setting his normal cracking pace. After a few moments of rest and a couple of band aids we were back on the trail at a slightly slower pace with a walking stick by Dax´s side.
Making it up to the Torres on our last night was really satisfying knowing that we had completed most of the journey and were not disapointed with the sights. After a great sleep in it was back down the mountain side where we headed back to Puerta Natales for some steak and wine, delicious!!

We managed to book our flight out of El Calafaté but on the 9th due to the peak season. We plan on checking out some of the glaciers and hope to do a bit of kayaking before rejoining the guys at BA for one more big night!


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Recent Messages

From georgie
hey where is everybody???
Just because you're home doesn't mean you can slack off!! This site needs to be updated. We were promised videos.
From Georgie
Like the latest pics, looking suave and kinda sophisticated Brett and Dax. But when are we going to see more. You know you promised!! How about the videos or are they still at the censors, waiting for the right rating.
Response: videos mmmm they definately seem too much like hard work!! Oh and yes we always attempt to look sophisticated!!
From Caroline and Marie
Why is this site so stupid. We allready left one message but it won't show it?
We are stille stucked on "The Clan" doing nothing but drinking and sleeping. Offcause it's not the same without our stupid Tasmanien guys (yes it is).
Hope you had a nice and long flight home. And hope you are enjoying working again while we do nothing at all!
Love from the 2 hot danish girls.
By the way. The operahouse is a very beautiful building!!
Response: It doesn't show the post till we approve it, and that last post was never going to get approved! Funny none of us remember any hot danish girls?
From heath
hey boys had a bit of a mixup and didn´t end up in BA until the 12th and we went straight to pattys family which is about an hour out of BA, only got back in today sorry we missed the drinks one of the many semi european bars here. ill email dax mine and pats emails and if any of you boys are ever up in melbourne give us a yell and we´ll go out for drinks somewhere.
Response: Dan:
Hey guys. I thought we were going to meet some of Pat's female cousins?

We had a great time in BA and hope you guys have as well.

I'm living in Melbourne now so should be easy to catch up for a drink as long as its on a weekend or friday night.
Still a bit wierd being back. Having those things called responsibilities again. Time to plan the next holiday I think!
From Ana Carolina Moreno
Hey boys!

Hope you all are now safe and sound in your own homes.

Hope your parents recognized you (at least after the first fifteen minutes)

Hope the Brazilian guy next to me stops trying to start conversation because I am unable to write in English and speak Portuguese at the same time.

Hope Tim made his flight!!!

Hope Byron gets help to stop snoring (but dont worry, I did not film that).

Hope you get tired of your bit of Australasia and decide for another trip, this time to the best half of South America. In which case, once in Sao Paulo I will be your tour guide. No omelettes, I promise!

Finally, I hope I find some more cool australians to hang out with till the end of the month... Michael is alright, but he is a one man show, its just not as loud!

Happy 2007 to you all,

Response: Byron:
Hey Ana, sorry I never got around to eating your omelette, I'm sure it was fantastic though...
When on earth did you hear me snoring? I didn't think I had enough sleep the whole time I was there to even have one snore but maybe I'm wrong. Tim missed his flight but got to change it for free so it wasn't all bad.

Will have to let you know when we head over to Brazil sometime then, would be nice to see a real beach in South America. The only ones I recall seeing were black sand. Thoroughly disappointed.

Anyway, hope your having a few more beers recently to build up your tolerance. You do that and I'll think about quitting snoring.

Take care.
From Kirb
Geez, guess I forgot about the travelblog Dan, now I have a ton of reading to do. What a trip!!! I'm totally jealous. Love the hat, though I can't decide if it looks as gay as Adam says or if you're trying too hard for Fashion Gaucho (while I got the gay gene I didn't get the fashion gene so flip a coin). Safe trip home....
Response: Dan:
Thanks for the message Kriby. I made the trip home alright. Now I have to get back into EAS again! Will you be heading out to Oz any time soon?
From daniels mum
Hi again, not sure if you will read this before you leave daniel, I have taken friday off work so can pick you up at airport, thought you might need help with the gifts! will bring trailer! Checked with Sydney airport site, seems your flight will get in at 9am time you get flight down here maybe 12ish, might just hang around the airport all day waiting, you know me and airports! looking forward to seeing you, missed you lots mum x x x
Response: Dan:
Hello Mum,
It will be great to be picked up thanks. I have had enough buses and trails for a while! I wouldn´t bother with the trailer, maybe next time I will buy the presents at the start of my trip when I actually have money! I will give your mobile a call when I get to Sydney and know what time I get to melbourne. Hopefully I will be down there around 11-12.
See you soon!
From adam
hey dudes will be good to have you back! byron your'e looking pretty athletic in the photos nice work. Daniel you did it again you look like your giving that flute a real good time...
Response: Byron:

Pfft, after all the Patagonian bbq, I aint looking too athletic now. Lamb's good though.
From Max
Well guys near the end of your adventure, certainly sounds like every one enjoyed themselves. Look forward to looking at all the photos, have a safe trip and see some of you soon.
Response: cheers dadayyyy! will c u very soon we are just doing the finals prior to BA
From rosemary
Just spent some time catching up on the last six days of the site and realised that it is nearly all over. Hope you all enjoy the last days and manage to catch ur flight. Dont forget ur passport Dax!! Safe flight back to Aus. God bless.
Response: don´t mention the war
From Swedish girls
The cold down south was a litle to much for us. So were heading back to safe warm Santiago again after a stop in Pucon. So your getting close to the end of your trip huh? we just have 6 more month to go... ;) Hope the goodbye party in B.A is good one! Send an email to let us know how oz is.
Response: Hey girls,
Are you going to stay in Chilli Hostel back in Santiago? Last day for us today. Had a massive last night which was always the plan. Byron was the last to bed at around 6pm this afternoon, a 24 hour party for him! Its a bit sad being at the end of our holiday. You will be too before you know it so make the most it!
How is the spanish going Kat? I expect you to speak like spanish like a local by the time you go home!
You would love the heat in Buenos Aires, its been so hot here, hotter than Santiago so we are not jealous of your head anymore :)
I´ll send you an email from Oz.
From adam
haha he could be a SANZAC.
Response: Dan:
Yeah yeah :(
From adam
wtf is with the gay black hat dan? does it have a significance?
Dont get too depressed about coming home dudes, i bet you miss the bogens and cold weather...
Response: es moi homosexual is the hats significance, his claim is he needed a shade hat for the desert trip, so he bought a nice ´cooling´ black colour. He´s working on his el soldado impression (soldier). The hat is even more impressive when only one side is clipped up!
From Fatman
Hi WA! Sammy wanted to say blah blah blah blah, Dada. So I thought that it would be OK.

Anyhow*, Happy New Year!

What's the wine like in SA?
Response: WA:
Fatman = My bro James.
(Sammy is his son, about 15 months old)
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! The wines in Chile and Argentina are of a fine quality, not that we know, we scull them like water! so cheap! De Nada!
From heath and pat
glad to hear you guys made it to argentina. we are currently relaxing at pats familys house drinking cheap beers and going out most nights. we´ll be leaving for BA within the next few days (maybe the 7th or the 8th) so if anyone is around there anytime after that get us a message and we´ll go have a few beers.
Response: Dan:
Great guys. We are arriving in BA today (5th) so if your keen to catch up for a beer before you go then just leave another message with the time and place and we´ll do our best to meet you there.
Might at least be able to get away from hordes of child bands taking all our change. Probably won´t wont be able to get away from cheap rum though!
From Carol
Hey Boys (spread out across the continent of SA)!

Sounds like both groups had a good NYE! I'll bet u will never forget exactly where u were when the clock struck 12! I was on beach at Coles Bay, pretty fun!

Well it's been nice weather in Tassie. My last two days I have been out on boats, water skiing and on ski biscuit, which has been cool!

Enjoy the last leg of your trip! Hope u all make it to the plane ok!

Carol :)

PS- what is Ron?
Response: Hey Carol. Yes we have been having fun trapsing across the country. Ron=Rum, the nasty stuff! We have been busy filling up the memory cards of our cameras with things like bits of ice dropping off into lakes etc, at Moreno Glacier....very nice. Glad to hear you´re having fun beaching it and the water sports. Will c you very shortly xoxo Dax.
From Dax
Check it out boys we made it to this months top 5 on Planet Ranger!! Now off for some food in El Calafaté, catch you boys on the 9th for our last night of madness!
Response: Ok Guys, Have fun. BA has been pretty good so far!
From Sam and Liz
Hi boys!!!
In Pucon at the moment, we're climbing an active volcano with snow on top tomorrow! Have also booked in the white water rafting and hired a car to visit the best thermal springs in Chile! WOO HOO!!!! Hope you guys had an awesome New Years, we spent it in Valparaiso with huge fireworks :) Spent lots of time bumming on the beach, working on our tans...jealous of the good food you're getting, not the whinging though! hehe....
Have fun in BA, and all the best for 2007!!!
Love Liz and Sam
Response: Hey Girls, we made the most of our time down south (Brett and Dax) and did the W circuit, was great in a big cook hut for new years made it just in time as walked at night (although light till 11pm down here) had a few count downs just to make sure, beautiful area with good people and very nice red wine (Most important), from what i read Dan, Byron and Tim also had a ...BIG NYE 2! hehe, Glad your having a great time...continue living the dream!
Dax n Brett
From rosemary
I don't know who put msg from mummy noble on, wasn't me. My name is rosemary!
Response: Its ok mummy i can just tell by our connection when its you typing a message! aaaaawwwwwh
From rosemary
You lot have been verry quiet since new years eve!! Hmmm.Hope you are still having lots of fun enjoying the sights. Not long to go now.
Response: Hey mummy yes we are going well, Brett and myself are safely in El Calafate now where we have a direct flight to BA on the 9th of Jan, and then fly out on the 10th home (midnight flight). Moreno Glacier tomorrow (one of most active in world apparently)
From Noel & Ethel
Hi Dax, or Tom Got your card thanks. Hope you are still enjoying your holiday still lots more time to enjoy. Liking the photos. We baby sat for the New Year and Jessica slept the whole time quite boring. Tomorrow we head of to Adelaide and then to Can. to visit Gavin. Carol is back from Coles Bay and coming for tea tonight. Like the photos . The temp. does not seem to vary much in S. America. Will see you when we return from our short trip. Noel & Ethel
Response: Hi N&E, its dax here, left Tom in El Calafaté! I´ll try and get some photo´s uptomorrow. So jess is a good baby then nice and quiet, good to hear! Hope you have a good trip to the "mainland", safe travels. Temp does vary a bit depending where you are, but down south P Natales etc its varys depending on if the wind is blowing from quite pleasant to friggin cold! in about 0.5 seconds!!!!! Catch you when you return, hope you enjoy yourselves.
From The Swedeis chicas
Our New Year was amazing as well! 3 crazy nights in Valparaiso! So crowded and everyone was just dancing in the streets.
Now were heading down south, to Chíloe.

Take care, were looking forward to a big consert in Stockholm
Response: Dan:
Dancing in the streets huh? Sounds like chili hostel to me! Going south! How are you going to deal with the cold! You would like BA, nice and warm, though no real beaches to work on your tans and no surfers. Keep us updated on what your doing.
Adios Chicas.
From Glenn Dancer
Hello everyone, hope that you have had an awesome new years as I have (somehow I doubt that, mine was pretty special), and I will catch up with you guys when you are next down in Tassie.
Response: Dan:
Hey mate,
I think our new years eve may have even topped yours. Though with you I never know! Will have to catch up soon after we get back for a few quiet ones and to hear a few of your stories. Take it easy.
From SAM
Photos are amazing looks like to good times keep on rolling in. Great to talk to 3 of you partying for New Years Eve hope the rest of the night was as amazing as the start.
Response: WA:
It was great talking to you too, we had a crazy time, but wished we had a few more mates from home to party with as well! Let the party continue!
From Jake
Happy New Year!!

We played Falls to a couple thousand people on the main stage, met the singer from Wolfmother and asked him if he was in a coverband before giving him a DVD and getting a pic with him lol, sold all our DVDs 2 hours after our set, had a few people run up to me wanting an autograph, asking where in NSW we're from or even asking where in the US is our band from lol. Michael Franti was simply phenomenal, and that's an understatement. Being VIP was simply cool as, and all in all an awesome time!
Response: Byron:

Yeah sounds cool. How many dvds did you end up selling? Hope you had a great new years', our was fine until we had to 'stealth' it to the bus station...