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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Location: Lake Louise, Canada

Well my day's here at Lake Louise is just about to come to an end. Durning the last three and a half months I have been working at Deer Lodge Which is right next to Lake Louise with the Big mountain glaicer which is just an amazing view, durning the summer myself and a few ather collegues have been going for a swim in the lake on most days after work and the water temperture averages from 0 - 2 degrees because the lake is feed by the glacier from above.
Durning my time here I have worked with a lot of great people which has made my time here go so quickly.
Now its time for me to move on and I'm now heading to New York to catch up with Stacey which will be a great time I'm really excited about visiting the big appleit is one off the city's that I have always wanted to visit.
Once my trip in New York is done I will be then heading to London were I start my new job and meet up with galvo and the rest off the gang from Dubbo right before the start off the rugby world cup it will be a lot off fun.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Location: Lake Louise, Canada

Well it has cerntantly been quite a long time since my last diary entry. since my last entry I ve spent some time in Los Angeles whichj was alot of fun I had a great time with galvo and Bern galvos uncle I spent 6 weeks the renovating the house which was a great experenice to learn somthing different. After I left Los Angeles I hoped on a plane and headed to Calgary in southern Alberta Canada I spent around a week there before I decided to hire a car and travelled around Alberta at my own pace for the week which was great took plenty of pictures and at the end of the week I ended up in Banff in the rocky mountains which was quite a nice place to start looking for work. After a couple of days I applied for a job with bufflo Mountain lodge in banff and I ended up having a interview the next day which was great for a house keeping postion but it ended up beening a maintance job which was even better. Since I started here two weeks ago I ve now gone up to maintance supvisior which is going really well I will spend the summer here and I will then head of to England at the end of August, which I'm looking forward to catch you all later.

Monday, 26 March 2007

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Well its been a little while since my last entry. At the momment i'm now in LA. A few weeks ago we crossed the mexican border from Mexicali into Calexico which is a border town on the american side. when we crossed there were plently of mexicans trying to get through to the america and find work. We had no problems getting through we just showed them our passports and they let us straight through.
From Calexico we got a bus which took us to San Deigo, we stayed there for a few days befor going to LA. Once we arrived in LA Galvo's uncle meet us at the train station and we went back to his house, we decided to have the rest of the week of to have a look around the city before we started working on his house. It is now our third week doing renovations to the house and there is still alot more work to be done. It looks like I will be in LA for a few more weeks before I head to Canada. And Galvo will stay a couple extra weeks with his Uncle.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Well after spending some time in Rio myself and Galvo decided that we had enough so we hope on a plane and headed to Mexico, but before we arrived in Mexico we had to do a quick stop in Miami and go through customs there at the airport and it was a bit of a hassile the mate asking the questions got the shits with me. We eventually got through and cought our next flight to Mexico city. We ended up staying in Mexico city for two nights and most of our time there was on the metro trying to find our way around the city so we got ourselves bus tickets and we are just about to head to Cancun.

Monday, 29 January 2007

Location: Ilha Do Mel, Brazil

Well durning the last week we spent some time making our way into brasil we got to the border in the early hours in the morning, we ended up waiting for almost 3 hours by the time we all hoped back on the bus, and the bus was making its way across the border the brasil federal police decided at the last mintue to do a random bag search they only decided to look at one bag and it happened to be mine they opened my bag up and have a quick look. After it was over we went on our way into brasil. Durning the late afternoon we finally made a destation Ilha Do Mel it was a great place and it was a good place to relax. The beach was only just a short walk. Every morning Galvo and myself took our boards to the beach and tryed to catch a few waves which was owsome fun

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Location: Brazil

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Location: Buneos Aries, Argentina

Well its our last day in Argentina we are all just about to jump on a bus for San Polo, Brasil so we will have a very long trip on the bus which will take well over 20 hours. The last few days have been really good and exciting Ive been doing a bit of site seeing around Buneos Aries. For starters I went and had a look at the big cementry at Recollata it was amazing to see all the graves they would have been the size of a small house all made from marble there was also Evitas grave which was fantastic, after the cementry I also had a look at the art gallery which was just down the road there was a mixture of different paintings dating back hundreds of years ago to the modern day art. Later in the day I finshed up in Polermo which is the richer area of Buneos Aries I found a nice cafe and had a long lunch there before heading back to the hostel.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Location: Bunos Aires, Argentina

Well we arrived back in BA after a few weeks in Mar De Plata, which was a great time. Once we arrived we checked into the hostel, we got a dorm with a group of aussies there are all travelling on there own and they happen to be going in the smae direction as us so we are going to meet up with them again in Brasil, Costa Rica, and Mexico which should a a great time. Over the last few days we have been trying to get our Brasil travel visas it has been such a huge hassile today was our third day at the consulate and our visa have been approved. We head into Brasil in the middle of next week by bus from BA. So we are going to spend the rest of our time in BA and have a good look around the city.

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Location: Mar De Plata, Argentina

Well at present we have been here for a few days now and it has been quited enjoyable. Yesterday we spent looking around at the shops looking at surf boards. we decided that we give it a go and try and surf. we found a couple of really cheap second hand boards which were a bargin. That same afternoon we thought we give it a crack at the beach which is just a five minute walk from our hostel that we are staying at present. the surfing went alright for a first go there were alot of waves that we unable to catch. We well give it another go abit latter this afternoon.

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Location: Argentina

After spending a few days in Santiago we have just arrived into Bunos Aries. It has been just over two weeks since i left home and so far the trip has been a wonderful expernice we have meet a lot of people along the way and we are now going to spend a couple of weeks here and spend christmas and new years here with a group of people who we meet in santa cruz. We have just spent some time walking around the streets of Bunos Aries it is a great place to spend some time here there is plently things to go a look at. So we will start looking at a few things tomorrow.

Thursday, 07 December 2006

Location: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

My first week away from home it has been very good and relaxing Myself and galvo have spent plently of time checking out the night life around the city it was alot of fun but through the day we have been just relaxing by the pool at the hostel that we are staying and all the people that we have come across have been very friendly. But tonight the three of us head to secure which should take around 20 hrs on the bus tonight so its going to be very exciting.

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Glory bee more pics's!!
Cheers Bernie
Response: yes there's more to come
very interesting photo's Richard. Especially Galvo's young lady. Harry A
Response: Yes Harry the photos are great I hear you have been causing a lot of trouble for mum and dad
More photo's and updates would be super.

Response: I have just recently put new photos on from over christmas holidays
Would be nice for more news and photo's
Response: Yes there will be some more photos coming soon off europe from the past week it was a awesome time
From galvo
yo dick all sorted mate got unit and lined u up a job to start soon as u arrive (oh your a carpenter... better money)
catch u soon nig

have u still not told ur family theres no chance of u being home for xmas!!!!
Response: Sweet looking forward to heading to london and start work very soon
Rugby is out and baseball in!!
great shots!! HA HA!!
Response: Yes baseball was a lot of fun I had a great time there in the rockies.
Enjoyed the photo's Richard,
We have Harry's with us at the moment. Brad Just had a look at your photo's.
Cheers Berky
Response: Yes I had a great time durning the stampede.
From Caroline
Hannah is very much looking forward to seeing you soon. She looks at the globe and we try to tell her where you are in respect to where she is located. Will you be home by xmas???? It will be interesting to see how Ella will take to you!!! Cheers Sage Family
Response: yes it will be very interesting to see how the girls will react when I arrive home one day
From Caroline
Hi Richard.... By the looks of things you must be having a great time working at Deer Lodge... Great photos!!!!
Response: Yes it is going great but I'm looking forward to London Galvo has found me a job over there so I 'm trying to get there as soon as possible
Good Photos Richie
Remember Richie is still on a plane. Love Hannah
Hello Hannah Just letting you Know that I am still on the plane and yes it has been a long trip, Hopefully one day I will hope off and see you and Ella very soon
Uncle Richie
Good updates. Need more SPS
Response: The updates will be coming very soon.
From sps
Where are the updates!!
The updates are coming very soon just wait another day or two
Great photo's. Good one of Galvo. What about you!! Cheers SPS
Response: dont worry there will be plently more photos to go on
From From SPS
Nice photos Hope the xmas meal was enjoyable !!! You will have to do the cooking when you return home.
Response: Yes we all had a great time over christmas it was great to experience something different
From Taz
Looks like you are having a very good time

Response: Hey Tazzie it was fantastic to have christmas somewhere different I hope you and the girls had a wonderful time back in Tazzie
From Tomo
Good to see you are looking so well mate. Hope Santa finds you over there.
Response: Yes lets hope that he finds us galvo and myself will be very upset if he dosent come have a good one yourself