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Tuesday, 03 October 2006

Location: Nadi, Fiji


Had an amazing time in Samoa, weather was seriously hot. Haven’t really done anything interesting, just lazing around by the pool or on the beach vegging out. In the hostel where I stayed there was another glut of med students. They’re really cool but it would be nice to meet some other travelers. Still, I’ve had some wicked nights. For my last night, we had a faka’leitei party, so all the guys went out in bikini tops and lava lavas. Got turned away from pretty much every bar though. The only active thing I managed to do was go kayaking for the day. It was good but it rained all day and being on the rough seas in kayak all gets a bit hairy. Saw lot’s of turtles swimming below. Very cool.

Went over to American Samoa for a long weekend with Simon, Michelle, Louise and Duirmuid (Germ) which was really cool (bloody expensive as well). The place is really weird. It’s so American but so underdeveloped as well. The mountains there are amazing, covered in virgin rainforest with paradise beaches at the bottom of them. The place we stayed had only one fale and a private beach with a forty-five drop off, about thirty foot from the shore. That was amazing. Just lie on the surface and the visibility is so good; you can the bottom and the sharks patrolling below. So many different fish, loads huge angelfish and a couple of Moorish Idols which just look amazing.

It rained most of the time we were in A. Samoa but still an amazing place. We visited this U.S. government scientific research station which was really interesting. This guy, Neil, lives there on his own and measures the content of the atmosphere and monitors the o-zone. Basically, everything we know about the o-zone and global warming comes from this station. Probably not very interesting for most but me and Simon absolutely loved it.

I’m now in Nadi in Fiji and I’m heading down to a place called Mango Bay tomorrow so I’ll see what’s happening there. My camera has mortally malfunctioned and can’t be fixed so I’m afraid the photos of Samoa are the last ones. I’ll be using disposables from now on. Sorry.

Anyway, I’ll write again when I’ve got something interesting to say.


Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Location: Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Malo a lelei from Tonga!

What can I say, Tonga is unbelievable. I absolutely love this place. Sorry to be leaving but I'm definitely coming back. The beaches, the people, the partying. It takes a bit of getting used to the pace of life here as it's proper slow. I thought I'd managed to get my head around SE Asian time but here it's complete pot luck what time boats and buses are.

There are virtually no tourists here but there a lot of English medical students. Hooked up with a few from guesthouse and have spent the last two weeks with them. Haven't done much at all. went to a small island off the mainland called Pangaimotu a couple of times. Proper paradise island. There's only one decent late night bar in the capital, the Billfish. Cool place. It's karaoke most nights and it was pretty much us lot the only ones with any balls to get up to sing (shameful photos to follow).

Went my separate ways with all but one of the med students, and me and Matt went to an island in the south called 'Eua. That was so beautiful. We went on a 4x4 tour one day and went trekking, caving and climbing the next. No safety equipment or ropes and we climbed down (and back up) a 250 metre cliff to a secluded beach. Very cool. Saw humpback whales everyday right close into the beach out the front of where we were staying. Saw lot's of dolphins as well. Knackering but one of the best weekends I've had since I've been away.

If you don't know, the King of Tonga died yesterday so the whole country has gone into mourning. Very strange. All the streets are covered in black and purple banners, everyone is wearing black.

No music but hymns are allowed to be played in bars. Everywhere to drink is a somber affair apart from one bar. The old guy that runs it was playing his Ukele and singing Japanese loves songs and Waltzing Mathilda.

Wish I'd time to go to the Vava'u and Hap'pai groups up north but there's always next time. Leaving for Samoa in a few hours, so I'll be on again soon.


Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Location: Bali, Indonesia


Sorry I've been a bit lax in updating this thing. I just never have the time really.

Well after KL, I went up to the Perhentian Islands for about a week and met some really cool people who I've been travelling with for the last month. My body's taken a bit of a battering with partying every night but it's been a laugh. The Perhentian Islands are amazing, it is a paradise island. No roads, no motorbikes, no ATMs, no hassle. Managed to get a job in a bar whilst I was there and did a bit of DJing at a couple of the parties, which was cool as I got free drinks.

Did a bit of diving while I was there but I kept waking up late and missing the morning boat, so didn't actually do that much. Still the diving was a lot better than Koh Tao.

After there a big group of us took the party down to KL for a few days. There are some brilliant clubs in KL and they're pretty mental as well.

Then me, John from Aberdeen, Kara from Canada, Katie from Swansea and Roxanne from London (bizarrely whose best friend was in my year at school), headed over to Bali. Had a few days partying in Kuta, climbed a volcano, and then headed over to Lombok and stayed in the Gili Islands for just over a week.

The island we stayed on, Gili Trawangan, is a really odd place. There is only one road and the only transport is tiny horse and carts or push bikes. All the locals are under thirty and they're absolutely insane. That place was party central. Every night one bar or dive shop has a huge 24-hour party and pretty much everyone on the island turns up.

The diving there is there is the best I've done so far. There a few sites where you always see sharks (I didn't see any) and turtles. Other places you see loads of small wierd stuff which was better than the sharks (or lack thereof).

I'm back in Bali now and left the others who've gone to Komodo. Bit pissed off I couldn't go but gotta catch a flight to KL then Singapore in a couple of days. Hooked up with some guys I knocking about with when I was here last time so more nocturnal adventures.

I'll update this again when in Tonga next week. I got plenty of pics to put on.

See ya.

P.S. Adam, that guy is from Weymouth. He was on Koh Phangan and he is an absolute tosser. He got barred from so many places. I was glad to see the back of him.

P.P.S. My e-mail is

Sunday, 23 July 2006

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Well 25 hours, one boat and four bus journies later, I've arrived in Kuala Lumpur. Had a nine hour nightboat ride where everyone was packed onto mattresses about half an inch from the person next to you, which was nice. Then had to get a minibus into Surat Thani., then a 300 km bus trip to Hat Yai. Only then did I board the bus to KL which was another twelve hours, stopping for a break every two. Pretty annoying trip altogether especially as the Malaysians feel the need to refrigerate you on their buses.

KL looks a pretty amazing place, really futuristic with loads of wierd skyscrapers. I'm staying just around the corner from the Petronas Towers which is cool.

Not sure how long I'll be spending here but I'm going to the Perhentian Islands next and then to Borneo I think. Not entirely sure yet. I've over a month to potentially spend here so...

I'll update the photos when I have some to put on there.


Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Location: Koh Tao, Thailand


I'm on Koh Tao at the moment soaking up the rays (37 degrees). Just chilling out for a few days doing nothing as I passed my PADI the day before yesterday. Managed to swim with some rather large Grey Reef Sharks on the deep dive. They looked the business.

Going for another couple of dives tomorrow I think then I'm off to Malaysia and heading to the Perhentian Islands where I'm hooking up with a few other guys off the course. Just going to chill out for a couple of weeks and do some more diving.

Not sure what my future plans are yet but I'll update this thing when I know. Plus I'll put more photos on when I get to KL as the computers here are really slow.


Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Location: Thailand


Been a busy couple of weeks. Went over to Ko Chang for 5 days. It's a really nice place and I stayed in a great bungalow place (no showers though, just a cold pool and a bucket). Only trouble was that it tipped down with rain the whole time I was there. The only bit of sun was on the day I left. Met up with a couple of Danish lads and we rent out some motorbikes to do a tour of the island. Due to the rain, everything we wanted to visit and do was closed. There's a massive waterfall for swimming but it was closed as it was too dangerous to swim in. Went to an elephant park but that was closed as it was too dangerous to go trekking which is all they do there. Bit annoying but a good laugh riding around as outside the towns there's no speed limit.

Came back t Bangkok to meet up with Ryan and Matt and went to Kanchanaburi for four days. Weather was amazing and was about 36 degrees. Kanchanaburi is a really chilled out place and the guesthouse we stayed, the rooms were on a barge on the River Kwai, which was nice. Of course we had to visit the bridge. I don't why people bother. It's not the original bridge and looks nothing like the original which was destroyed by the Allies. But hey still quite interesting!

Visited a national park and went swimming in a couple of the seven waterfalls. You can slide down one of them which is quite a laugh.

Went and visited a Monkey School. It was good holding and feeding the monkeys and gibbons but they were kept in pretty shit conditions. Sill cool as we were the only people there.

Went to Tiger Temple. What a waste of time! You literally go in get a picture with a tiger and that is it! Pretty cool being up close and touching them but again they're kept in pretty bad conditions. Sorry Lynda I was allowed to kiss it!

Heading down to Hua Hin tomorrow and then heading south, so I won't be in Bangkok again and will probably leave Thailand within the next two weeks.

I'll write again soon.


P.S. I've tried sending e-mails from my Hotmail to B&NES addresses and it won't let me due to it being blocked. Dunno what to do there!

Friday, 23 June 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Just got back to Bangkok from Chiang Mai where I spent six days. I wasn't actually planning to go there but I randomly bumped into my cousin, Phoebe, on the Khao San and she persuaded me to go with her and her friend up to Cahing Mai.

I was full of good intentions about doing stuff while I was there (trekking etc.) but I did absolutely nothing. Lovely place but it's so easy just to sit about and do nowt but rad and watch the footy. Watched to England game which was on at 2.00 am and then got the bus later that day. Didn't actually sleep for 48 hours but hey.

Back in Bangkok now and staying with my mate Ryan. Staying here about six days I think so I'll actually be taking in some of the sights this time rather than just being nocturnal.

Haven't got a clue what I'm doing after but I'll heading down to Malayasia at the end of July and spending maybe a month there. Definitely going to Borneo.

I've some pics on and I'll update this thing sooner rather later. Ta ra.


Saturday, 10 June 2006

Location: Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Hello Everyone (and Mum)

On Ko Pha Ngan at the moment and staying right in the centre of Hat Rin, opposite the Reggae Bar- back of the net.

Went on the Happy Happy Magic Reggae Boat Trip which was pretty cool. Visted a waterfall and climbed up through the waterfall, through caves and that. Got to sit right under the waterfall and nearly drowned as it sucked me under for couple of seconds but still a laugh.

Went snorkelling quite far off the coast which was amazing. So many fish but I forgot to take my underwater camera.

People are very cool here and made quite a few mates in the Reggae Bar, staff and drinkers, so meet up with them everyday and do stuff.

Loads of absolute tossers have arrived for the Full Moon Party tomorrow. They stand out like a sore thumb. Falling over and chucking up everywhere. Fed up with it. Only have to put up with them for two more days I suppose then they all bugger off from whence they came.

I've got a load more photos to go on but i'll do that in couple of days as it takes about a half hour to upload about ten. Well annoying.

Despite the moaning, I am having a wicked time and I'm quite tempted just to stay on Ko Pha Ngan for the next two months. Definitely my kind of place.

Well anyway, having a lazy day on the beach, saving myself for the match tonight. Should be good.

Speak soon. Peace out.

Jon xx

Friday, 02 June 2006

Location: Hat Lamai, Ko Samui, Thailand


Well after a nineeen hour train/bus/boat journey, i've made it to Ko Samui. The Train broke down for three hours, the bus didn't start for half an hour but the boat only took an hour instead of five, so not bad.

Glad to have left Bangkok. Didn't like that at all. It's an absolute perv's paradise and was so seedy. Not nice.

Ko Samui is beauiful and snorkelling in the South China Sea isn't that bad either. I've just had a traditional Thai massge, pedicure and manicure on the beach, so life isn't too shabby.

Can't believe I met Ian Rush in Bangkok. Very random. Especially, as he was with a Thai bird and looking a bit shifty.

Anyway speak soon.


Monday, 29 May 2006

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Hello everybody.

Well, despite what some of you may have thought, I've made it in one piece. I'm now in Bangkok and it is very very hot (and very smoggy). The journey to Thailand was a bit wierd and very long! I'm now chilling in Bangkok for a couple of days then I'm off to Ko Samui and Ko Pgan Ngan for a couple of weeks. I'll put some photos on as soon as I can find the USB cable. Too many wires and so little time!

By the way I've got a stinking cold and a cronic sore throat! What a good start! Until next time...keep it real.


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From Dad
Adjusting to your new lifestyle will take a little time so stick in and enjoy.
Look after that cold and send my best to Ryan.

Keep the photo's coming!

Love Dad

PS Great photo of you and Ian Rush

Response: Hi Dad

You ok? I said hello to Ryan. I'm totally over the cold now and getting a nice tan.

I need your e-mail and home's because I've sent a few e-mails and not been getting a reply.

I'll talk about it when i call tomorrow.

Speak to you then.

Jon x
From soph
hey jonty hope you are having a brill time!sounds like you are!glad too hear your keeping it real! its all over the news that ian rush has gone missing and his wife and seven kids are looking for him! its suspected that hes run off with ting tong from tooting! mums idea haha! take care lots of love sophxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi Soph

Cheers I am having a wicked time, weather is lush. He was looking a bit dodgy when we saw so you never know...

Speak soon

Love me xx
From mum
jont can't believe you've had "beauty" treatments!
Happy to know you are enjoying yourself. Hope you are getting my little messages.
If you are, say hello mum in your nest letter.
Love mum xxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi mum

I've e-mailed home about three or four times and get no reply!!! Is your e-mail

I'm fine and going on boat trip today around the island. Loads of snorkelling spots and a bit of trekking to a waterfall. Should be cool. I'll be a load of photos on after the trip. Got many pics now.

I'll be calling home tomorrow so talk then.

Miss you and hope everyone is cool.

Jon xxx
From Anja
Glad to hear you've made it!! Hope you've got some strepsils with you?? Sure you'll recover after a few days in the sunshine.... Enjoy & get some photos up!!! Speak soon xxx
Response: Cheers Love

Feeling fine now! On Ko Samui and loving it.

Keep forgetting to take photos so haven't got many on yet. Time yet!

Hope veryone is cool and I'll be e-mailing soon.

Take care xx
From mummymo
Glad you made it in one piece.
Missing you already. Have you met up with that naughty boy Ryan yet. Don't let him lead you astray. Take care, love you.
mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi mum

Hop your ok and everyone else is good. I've e-mailed the home address and I'll be calling on Saturday.

We're fine and safe and on Ko Samui in burning sun!

I'll put more photos on soon as I haven't taken many yet!

Missing you loads and speak soon.

Love Jonty xxxx